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The new ‘it’ product in the beauty industry over the last two years has been jade facial rollers. Comprising of a jade stone on the end of a roller, this affordable beauty product has been adopted by various Instagram influencers, YouTubers, and beauty experts all over the world.

Looking at the odd-looking tool, you might wonder what’s so special about a stone roller. Watching videos of people using them, you might think it all a bit silly. You’re not alone in not believing the hype. That said, there’s a history and a reason for facial rollers.

Jade facial rollers like these have been around since the 1600s. First used in China, they didn’t really get very much attention in Canada, the US, or the West until recently.

Now, a lot of claims have been made around jade facial rollers – some true and some unconfirmed. They are most notably touted as being an easy way to achieve clearer skin, eliminate puffiness, drain excess fluids from the face, help moisturizer and other face products absorb better, and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

You may notice with a jade roller that there are stones on both ends. The larger stone is for the forehead, eyes, cheeks, and neck. The smaller stone is for under the eyes and around the mouth.

Beauty bloggers continue to be in some disagreement over how effective facial rollers are. Skepticism-laden reviews are easily retrievable as are a number of glowing reviews touting relaxation, a new look, and smoother-looking skin.

Analyzing the actual science behind jade facial rollers, we see a few things. They are effective stimulating the lymphatic system, relieving this part of the body of waste and toxins. The body’s lymph system contains a fluid that removes this waste naturally. A facial roller aids it along, increasing the efficiency of this system.

Another areas where facial rollers can help is in reducing under-eye puffiness and dark circles. They do this through moving fluid and oxygenated blood to these area which is akin to nourishment for the skin.

Do facial rollers work on wrinkles – yes but they are no magic touch. What stone rollers do is stimulate collagen production which can add strength and bounce to areas that may not naturally have them.

Rose Quartz facial rollerCan facial rollers work on acne – yes. Acne is inflammation to an extent and so a chilled facial roller over the skin can reduce the fluid that builds up around these pimples. The act of pressing downwards and using a roller correctly can also aid in getting product – such as serums – penetrating deeper into the skin.

All in all, jade rollers help your skin in many ways. It’s sort of like giving yourself a facial massage with the gentlest of stones. Pick up the Rose Quartz Facial Roller - Thera Crystals and try it on yourself. For a lot of people, facial rollers have grown to be a key facial massage treatment method.

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