Why Reusable Food Containers are Better than Disposables – Here’s the Answer

Disposable food containers are bought for convenience when taking out food or beverage from restaurants, but more and more, we’re seeing increased value in favoring reusables over disposables. Drawn from the recent news about forest fires in Australia, countless creatures lost lives because of the fire. People all over the world show sympathization and some charities initiate donations for the loss. We all know that It is easier to fix before facts are already become facts and protecting the environment is not a once-for-all activity. This moment is absolutely the best time for you to make changes and contributions to the earth. 

Why Reusable Food Containers are Better than Disposables – Here’s the Answer


There’s been more investment in development and design across a variety of reusable food container brands in the market, each chasing increasingly eco-friendly options to offer clientele. Consumers have been responding positively and in fact, demanding change – finally, they’re getting it.

So why should we choose reusable food containers? Eco-friendly reusable food containers cut down on waste production in a big way, as the most noticeable difference between reusable v. disposable. Even disposables have a cost in waste management as they need to be processed and disposed of in the correct way. If they aren’t, these same containers only add to the growing piles of landfill waste occupying various environments in Canada. A reusable can be washed and used again and again, without intervention.

When talking about food storage containers, some people may think they’re not only just as convenient as disposables in carrying food but they’re also appealing to consumer demands. Canadians, when given the options, definitely want to create less waste.  Numerous research shows us this. Single-use disposable containers are no longer the preferred method of carrying and transporting food. Nowadays, restaurants, grocery stores, and general stores are all encouraging customers to bring their preferred containers instead of using disposable materials. This pressure’s only going to grow in the years to come. Luumi unplastic reusable food containers and lips are increasingly popular because of the creative and good-look design and the environmentally friendly material, silicone. Silicone is a kind of collapsible and light-weight material and as food container material, it will not generate chemicals after heating in a microwave oven. 

Luumi Unplastic Reusable Silicone Bowl and Straw Set

The ‘disposable packaging’ waste problem is a very real one. Obviously, things like food can’t avoid packaging. They need some form of storage to keep them fresh and eat-ready. Unfortunately, roughly 30 percent of Canada’s total waste – measuring some 7.8 million tons – derives from a mix of containers and packaging. What any individual household contributes evidently is small but they are contributing. When you move from throwing out disposable containers every day to washing and reusing the same containers over and over again, you’re making a difference.

When possible, choose food storage containers reusable instead of disposables. The impact of such a decision is monumental. Also, in selecting reusable containers, ensure you’re choosing a material that is safely reusable – plastics don’t count. Unfortunately, some plastics are very chemical-heavy and filled with toxins that can come out when exposed to extreme temperatures. Instead of reusing plastics, try silicone. Silicone’s a much more useful, stronger material that’s a lot healthier than plastics will be.

Luumi Unplastic Silicone Straw + Lid for Cups

It’s impossible to change the planet and save the planet if we aren’t ready and/or refuse to change ourselves. Lierre.ca has some high-quality reusable food containers that will help with waste in any household. Eliminate plastics. Eliminate pollution. Choose a strong, reliable, and reusable material for you and your home. Single-use disposables should have no place in the kitchen, fridges, or dining rooms of the modern-day Canadian household. Help us in creating change.

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