Winter Skincare Guide – How to Get Rid of Dry Winter Skin

Winter’s in full swing. In the thick of things, dry winter skin isn’t fun to see in the mirror. Winter’s the worst time of year for the skin. The air outside is dry and cold, while the air inside is also dry because of heaters. Moisturizing and protecting it should be a full-time job. Here’s the dermatologist's truth about how to take care of winter dry skin.

Find a penetrating moisturizer

As a part of your winter skincare essentials, find a moisturizer that penetrates and hydrates. Assuming the heavier the moisturizer, the better is a mistake. Look at the ingredients. You don’t want to have a recipe for a pimple breakout. Choose your moisturizer wisely and use it often. If your skin type is oily, then you should go for a light and thin moisturizer. While if your skin is dry, you should choose a lotion or cream. 

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Get rid of dry skin by treating your skin type

We don’t all have the same skin type. Combination skin will want a rich moisturizer formula. For drier skin, you want something heavier and creamy. For break-out prone skin, avoid oil and petroleum-based ingredients. For the driest of the dry skin, an emollient moisturizer which seals in moisture may need to be used followed by another cream-based moisturizer. In a word, if your skin type is oily, then you should go for a light and thin moisturizer. While if your skin is dry, you should choose a lotion or cream. 

Use face oils sparingly and with the right purpose in mind

Face oils do not moisturize the skin. Oil doesn’t absorb. This is why skin can feel greasy after treatment of face oil. As another winter skincare tip, face oil’s purpose is to add a glow and protective layer from the winter winds. Incorporate only a few drops into your moisturizer so you get the benefits of both. However, beauty oils are a perfect healer for scars and combat the sign of ageing.  Sukin Certified Organic Rosehip Oil contains no less than 70% essential fatty acids, which can be used to treat the healthy building blocks of the skin. It provides the nutrients that the skin needed and it can also help to relieve redness caused by dryness. 

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Take shorter baths and showers, in less time

Don’t waste time in the shower or bath. Water does not hydrate the skin. It is the enemy, in fact, of dry skin. What you want to be giving your skin are its natural oils and water strips those away. Use caution with the temperature as well. Ideally, you want lukewarm water and to avoid spending longer than 5-8 minutes inside.

Moisturize overnight and routinely throughout the day

Moisturizer should be your best friend. As a part of your winter night skincare routine, apply moisturizer before bed. You will also want to use moisturizer throughout the day. Any time after a shower or washing your face, apply moisturizer immediately after patting your face dry. This ensures moisture finds its way into pores with the hope of that moisture being retained for as long as possible.

Use a humidifier

When you’re at home, use a humidifier. This will add more humidity to the air and help you maintain healthy winter skin. This is one of the best winter beauty tips we have. Try to maintain humidity levels at 50 per cent. Remember not to go too over than regular moisture level at home. You can also put slices of fresh fruits to add more spice in the air. Placing one humidifier, you will get the moisture as well as a pleasant smell in the air. 

When it comes to skincare, winter’s make or break time and the ultimate test to your skincare routine. Make the changes you need to make to keep yourself looking your best. Your face deserves extra attention. Get all your winter skincare essentials on sale now from

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