buy disposable headrest cover 6 pck at lierre canada

Disposable headrest covers are a great option if you have to switch between clients rapidly – or if you just don’t feel like doing so much laundry! Because they don’t have an elastic band, it takes half a second to put these on your headrest and take them off. They’ll provide full protection for your head rest cushion by warding off make up, sweat and oil stains.

6 packs 100pcs/pack 100% poly Total: 600 pcs

buy disposable headrest cover 6 pck at lierre canada

Lierre’s disposable massage table sheets and covers come in a variety of sizes to suit every size of massage table. Affordable and sanitary, both paper and poly sheets are available in our inventory; you can choose to purchase them by pack, in rolls or in bulk for added convenience. Disposable headrest covers and pillowcases are essential to keeping your clinic space hygienic. We also sell self-sealing biohazard bags to safely dispose of medical waste. The right massage supplies can make a huge difference in your practice, complementing your therapeutic approach and helping you give those little personal touches that can makes a treatment truly memorable. You’ll find a little bit of everything in our catalogue, including massage stools and massage chairs; massage gels, balms, oils and lotions; cleaning products, bottles and accessories; massagers; massage linens, sheets and pillowcases, and a wide range of bolsters in all different shapes and colours. These supplies can help you treat many different types of clients, and can even be integrated into your daily routine for self-care!

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