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The best handheld massager for you is a high quality tool that lets you relax and rehabilitate following an intense workout, a long day at work, or simply from the wear-and-tear of daily living. Affordably priced, buying an electric massage hammer can be a great way to give yourself a spa-esque treatment in the comfort of your own home. Here are a few things to look for when searching for the right handheld massager for your needs.

Adjustable speed

Muscle tone is different for everyone and usually, it tends to weaken as we age. Being able to adjust the speed is a strong feature to any handheld massager that gives you the ability to customize your experience.


Ideally, an electric massage hammer will come with at least a few different attachments. Switching out attachments allow you to change the type of massage you want to receive and help target different parts of the body.

Different massage types

A body massager shouldn’t be merely designed for the neck or back. Instead, you’ll want something you can use across the whole body. For a lot of people, adjusting the massage type and pressure will be a necessity.


The best massager should also be one that is easy to handle and which you can take with you. What if you’re hurting at the office and a massage would really help – for jobs like these, take a massager with you. Do keep in mind the massager’s power supply should also accommodate portability. The size of the massager will also affect where and how you can take it with you.

Electric Massage Hammer from Lierre.ca Canada


Easy to clean and maintain

Although a massager will hopefully not get too dirty, over time, it’s still going to need to be cleaned. Especially if you’re mixing massage oils or are using it with multiple people, you’ll want to eventually clean your handheld massager.

Heating options

For some, heat or no heat is not a big deal. For others, heat is an excellent element to have on a handheld massager and is absolutely a huge advantage. Heat will help with blood circulation which’ll help get the muscles to relax and aid in the effectiveness of the massage.

The value of a handheld massager shouldn’t be overlooked. In fact, it’s one of the most desired items for Canadians struggling with anxiety or stress. If you don’t want to go to a masseuse, are busy with a schedule you can’t carve enough time out for a massage therapist, or just want to save money, consider an electric handheld massager. A massager can help an office work suffering from back strain, athletes recovering from a sports injury, elderly patients, fibromyalgia sufferers, and more.

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