Sale on Bon Vital Massage Oils

Have you wanted to get better at giving massages? Surely, you need a quality massage oil. Through an oil, you’ll ease the stress on your hands while giving your patient a more restorative, comfortable experience. Part of getting a massage is about the ambience. Choose from top massage oils in Canada from Lierre and get them this July 2019 only for 25% OFF! Celebrate our Lierre Anniversary Sale with these oils.

Grapeseed massage oil

Grapeseed massage oil is lightweight, provides a smooth glide, and is easily absorbed into the skin. Grapeseed oil from Bon Vital has also been praised for being very gentle on the skin. In this oil is a balance of oleic, linoleic, palmitic, and stearic fatty acids. As it’s naturally rich in a mix of vitamins and minerals, this massage oil also makes for an excellent skin toner. Mixed with other essential oils from Bon Vital, feel free to create something truly unique using this as a base.

Bon Vital' Grapeseed Massage Oil


Bon Vital Complete Massage Crème

The Bon Vital Complete Massage Crème pulls from marula oil and arnica extract as its two main sources. Hypoallergenic, this is a great cream for targeted muscular work or full body massage. Jojoba oil is also included in this cream which, when paired with marula, goes a long way in leaving the skin looking radiant while soothing inflammation. If you prefer a massage cream as opposed to an oil, this is one you’ll find at 25% off this July.

Bon Vital Complete Massage Creme 1 gallon -


Deep tissue massage cream

This deep tissue massage cream from Bon Vital is made from all-natural oils. It’s not too thick, is luscious, and deeply penetrating. In addition to the jojoba oil in it, there’s vitamins A, B5, C, and E. You’ll also pick up on some hints of lemon and sage in this massage cream. Although it’s most appropriate with deep tissue massages, this versatile cream is also excellent for full body massages, foot massages, and all types of modalities

Bon Vital Deep Tissue Massage Creme 1 gallon -


Coconut massage oil

Bon Vital coconut massage oil is light and long-lasting, and one of Canada’s most purchased. Created from pure, fractionated coconut, you’ll nourish the skin across almost any massage. It’s silky to the touch, water dispersible which makes clean-up easy, and aids in leaving the skin smooth to the touch without any feeling of grease.

Muscle therapy massage oil

The last Bon Vital massage oil on this list is designed specifically for muscle therapy massage, pulling from jojoba oil and dwarf pine oil. Extremely lightweight, this massage oil is an excellent choice for treating sports injuries, deep tissue work, neuromuscular conditions, and trigger point massage. It’ll give you the control you want, with less slipping and more grip. It’s also paraben free!

Bon Vital' Muscle Therapy Massage Oil -


Bon Vital is a brand name we’re lucky to have in the Lierre catalogue. Consistently producing quality massage oil products in Canada, shop them exclusively at a 25% discount this July from Lierre and get massaging!

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