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The “gym culture” has been getting popular over the past decades and people are spending more time and effort in maintaining their body shape. Due to the popularity of gym culture, peripheral products such as gym tools, protein powder or other accessories have become popular. Because the intense time or method of the training, more and more sport injuries have been happening to the public. With a need for recovery remedies for pain relief, having tools like a massage gun in your gym bag is no longer weirdly perceive by others since more and more people are starting to have one.

Booster X2 Massage Gun for Sore Muscle Relief -


Compared to other massage gun models, Booster X2 massage gun is quite compact and much quieter due to the latest noiseless technology. The benefits of having this product in your gym bag are that it can help you to relieve muscle pain or soreness after the gym, help you improve blood circulation, relieve stiffness, and moreover to ease with muscle recovery. This machine has an ergonomic design and it’s perfectly portable. An amazing features is its battery power, with up to 3 hours of continuous use (compared to 20-40 mins from other brands), plus their 5 convenient multiple heads that you can apply to any body part. We guarantee this will be your perfect companion no matter if you are using it for sports, training, cross-fit or other activities. it will cover all your needs due to its strong power but compact size.

Here are the 6 key benefits of using this Booster percussion therapy massage gun:

  • Reduce your muscle recovery period
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Break down your scar tissues
  • Clear all the lactic acid
  • Release muscle knots
  • Increase range of motion

How are this Booster X2 models differ to other massage gun models?

Strong machine, smaller noise

It uses less noise compare to other models, at the same time without impact to the batter life, as for batter, it uses the 24v 2000mah lithium-ion battery, which can last up to 3 hours of running time, charging this item only takes around 1.5h.

5 percussion speed setting:

Not all massage gun in the market has this feature, depend on your part of the body, you can personalize and adjustable the speed of percussion depend on different purposes, you can use this Booster massage gun for warm up the muscle, for soreness/pain relief, tightness relief or even run with higher speed for stronger muscle group to stimulate the muscle recovery process.

Multiple heads, different purposes

Having different speed might not be enough for professional trainers, in these models, we have 4 different massage heads where you can apply to a different part of the body, each one can have a different function.

Long-life battery

With the long-run battery that is up to 2-3 hours of the consistent working period, you no longer need to worry about bring cable everywhere with you, this massage gun uses 16v 2600 Mah Li-ion battery.

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