Moxibustion products in Canada -

A regular lighter as one would use for cigarettes is less likely to light a moxa stick evenly than this one, as it takes a longer time and requires more precision. This handy, refillable moxa torch is a reliable and versatile tool, making it easier and safer to light your moxa sticks.

Refillable Moxa Torch for moxibustion in Canada -

  • Dimension: 86.0x50.0x20.0(mm)
  • Weight: 50.6g
  • Can light the moxa sticks quickly and easily
  • Solid built, modern designed with a clear window to monitor the gas level
  • This moxa torch works on butane fuel, which is refilable and can be purchased from your local Canadian Tire
  • Note: this torch is empty upon delivery for safety reasons, please refill butane gas by yourself. (The price doesn’t include the butane fuel)


Lierre carries both new and traditional forms of moxa and moxa accessories. You'll find aged golden moxa, tiger warmers, and a series of different types of moxa sticks, both scented and unscented, smokeless and with smoke. Our accessories include lion warmers, moxa plates, moxa extinguishers, moxa needle caps, moxa spoons, moxa lighters and cleaning brushes. Lierre stocks even more moxa accessories!

These durable accessories will last you decades of solid practice - just the thing you can trust for your moxibustion treatments.

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