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This gentle, neutral blend of high quality soy, rice and sunflower oils penetrates the skin admirably well, without leaving a greasy sensation. These dry, bio-vegetal, organic oils provide fantastic hydration for the skin, hair and nails, and they’re silky to the touch. It’s easy to pair this blend with essential oils for a more creative massage! Qualities
  • Dry: won’t leave a greasy sensation
  • Scentless and neutral
  • Hydrating for the skin, nails and hair

MassOléum Premium Massage Oil Canada


 Lierre stocks an excellent, comprehensive range of massage oils, gels, lotions and creams that can be used across a wide range of different practices. We’ve taken painstaking care to include natural, environmentally friendly, ethically sourced, local products, while making sure that they remained affordable enough for the average practitioner. You’ll find anything from analgesic creams and lotions, hypoallergenic oils and skincare essentials to delightful foot creams and wonderfully scented oils in our inventory. The right massage supplies can make a huge difference in your practice, complementing your therapeutic approach and helping you give those little personal touches that can makes a treatment truly memorable.

You’ll find a little bit of everything in our catalogue, including massage stools & chairs, massage gels, balms, oils and lotions, cleaning products, bottles and accessories; massagers; massage linens, sheets and pillowcases, and a wide range of bolsters in all different shapes and colours. These supplies can help you treat many different types of clients, and can even be integrated into your daily routine for self-care!

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