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You may often recognize that patients fall asleep often during treatments in your clinics. Some therapists even receive requests from patients saying that they need to have a nap room for them to rest after the treatments. This could be a good thing because your patients feel relaxed and comfortable during the treatment. No one will not fall asleep in an uncomfortable environment, right?

What makes a clinic comfortable and relaxing for patients to fall asleep? Firstly, when you do acupuncture or massage therapies, most of the therapists would like to find some music for their clients. As most of us know, music will help people calm down and relax. An experiment in the United States also found that acupuncture, combined with music, gained better therapeutic effect than acupuncture alone.

However, not all kinds of music will help with relaxation. Therapists sometimes ask for advice on different types of music they could play in their clinic. Lierre usually plays music that is played by traditional Chinese instruments such as Guzheng, Yangqin, Pipa, Erhu and other instruments. We would choose some pure light music which are quiet with slow tempo. This kind of music always works pretty well to help patients relax.

Why will music help your patients relax? In our opinion, we believe music will lead to resonate among your audience. Soft and light music could bring a soft and comfortable environment for audience. When audience feel this kind of atmosphere, they will calm down and relax.

Another thing that will help with relaxation is the type of massage table. Sometimes, we find that patients fall asleep easily when they are on some thick foam massage tables. Some thick foam tables provide support to different parts of the body so that patients could lie on the table relaxed. For example, the electric massage tables which can be adjusted to different shape to follow the curve of the body is a very suitable table for patients to feel comfortable. As for portable table, stable is more important than foam thickness. For example, Lierre Plus 2014 is a comfortable and stable portable table. In a clinic, the main audience are your patients. They lie down on your massage table and listen to quite music. At the same time, they will receive treatments from you. All these together will help patients recover faster.

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