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This week at the office, we all tried L’Herbier’s new massage candles: the reviews are in, and let me say, we are believers. Though at first a few of us were reluctant to try them, anxious that the wax would burn our skin, but as it turns out, these fears were unfounded. While the massage oil from the candle is quite warm, it isn’t going to scald you. In fact, it’s quite pleasant to just pour a small quantity in your hand: it feels just like magic!

It feels and smells so good

We can’t emphasize this one enough! L’Herbier’s candles all have these natural, enticing smells, and the massage oil that you pour into your hands is designed to be great for the skin. The combination is perfect: it leaves your hands just feeling extra soft, and your workspace smelling wonderful. Though we were at first sceptical of the wax content, as it turns out, it’s actually pretty good for the skin! It makes sense, after all, considering the success of Burt’s Bees lines of products. In fact, most of L’Herbier’s balms contain natural beeswax, which the company orders from local agriculturists. You can really tell the difference between this type of beeswax and the one you can buy from the pharmacy: fresh, it melts smoothly, without any lumps, and creates this velvety texture that dissolves into something like liquid silk on your skin. L’Herbier’s team also has a great nose for scents, and the essential oils and ingredients they use are always just a cut above anything you’re likely to find at a regular store. They’re designed to be both enchanting and therapeutic!

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It does all the work for you

The great thing about these candles is that they essentially heat the oil up to a pleasant temperature for you, saving you the trouble of using oil warmers. It’s just one less step when you’re massaging someone! Massage candles also double as an alternative to ultrasonic diffusers, since they spread a lovely aroma evenly throughout your work-spaces. In short, they let you focus on just the massage, instead of having to worry about extra accessories.

We can’t get enough of that atmosphere

Massage candles are just soothing to look at! Their soft glow and sweet scent can just lull your into total relaxation. Unlike regular scented candles, too, these massage candles come in a metal container: you can leave them to burn for hours and hours, and even if an accident does happen, they won’t smash into pieces. The worst thing that’s likely to happen, really, is that you’ll spill a little massage oil, though of course you should always be careful around a flame. Still, this great feature convinced us that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all to have a few of them around at the massage clinic.

That personal touch

Our favorite thing about massage candles might just be how unique they look and feel when they’re in use. Just dripping a bit of deliciously warm massage oil in our hands gave us a small rush of excitement, and it’s likely that clients will notice how distinctive and interesting these massage tools are. They’re a great way to add a bit of personality to your massage, making them more memorable, while still maintaining a professional image. All rights reserved for the Lierre Blog.

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