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Hint: we’re talking about massage tables! A massage table is an integral part of massotherapists’ professional life. It can also the single largest investment a new therapist makes at the beginning of their career. However, no matter how much experience a person has in the field, everyone wants to have a massage table that will last them as long as possible: it can save you so much money and energy! Maintenance and proper care, then, is absolutely essential to guarantee that your table will stay as comfortable and spotless as when you first bought it. Failure to take proper care of your massage table can lead to broken frames and cracked, stained and faded upholstery. Here, we offer you some advice on how to ensure that your best friend gets the care it needs!

Legs, Joints and Frame Maintenance

Quite literally the nuts and bolts of a massage table, checking up regularly on the main structure of your table is key to making sure nothing breaks down over time. To keep all the parts stay together constantly, you have to pay attention to all the screws, bolts and nuts. Check and tighten all the screws and tighten the leg adjustment knobs regularly. Check the cables, wires, wooden frame, base, etc.. to observe whether there are signs of weaknesses.

Upholstery Care

Usually, therapists will purchase table sheets and covers for massage tables. However, it is still not a bad idea to clean and give protections to upholstery on a regular basis. The first and most important thing is, when you using sharp objects like acupuncture needles on the table. Be careful, because damaged PU leather is difficult to repair. It is better to always using warm soapy water to clean PU leather upholstery and using white towels to clean the light color massage tables such as white and beige. Cleaners with alcohol and oils will break down the fibers of PU leather over time. Don’t forget to rinse well to remove all soapy residues! 

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Travel with Lierre Plus 2014 30" Portable Massage Table for massage therapists on the move, travel cases for their portable massage tables will also be very important. A good case will prevent scratches and waters to leave stain on massage table. However, although there is a case cover the massage table, it is not a good idea to put massage table near sharp objects or corners. Finally, do not leave your massage table uncovered during storage and transportation. It only takes a few minutes for you to put on a case. It will save you a lot of energy and money in the long run. Lierre offers massage table package with great price. The package including one Lierre Plus Table 28, one table case, one half-round pillow, two small half-round pillow, one table sheet along with massage oil and gels. All rights reserved for Lierre Blog.


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