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A humidifier’s there to help moisten the air, eliminating the dryness that plagues so many households and areas over the country during winter. People are suffering dryness of skin, especially hands, face, and lip. Season check can be quite annoying when you feel the pain of skin caused by the cold and dry weather.  


Dry air is known to make discomforts like a dry nose or a dry throat even more uncomfortable feelings. To be worse, some people can even find bloodshot when blowing the nose in the morning. Household problems like wood furniture cracking, wallpaper peeling, and static electricity can also be positively impacted by adding more moisture to the air. We can not adjust the degree of dryness of the air outside, but there is something we can do indoors to provide a moist environment to comfort the skin and body.  

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How to use a humidifier begins by understanding what they are and their requirements before and when using. If you and/or someone else in a home has asthma or is allergic to mold or dust mites, be absolutely careful. Humidifiers aren’t always the best for these people and in some cases, should be avoided if you want to add some specific fruit aroma inside humidifiers. We can not always guarantee it is a good idea to make the air scented. 

When it comes to position your humidifier, it is not always recommended to put humidifiers in an easy-to-access location. You don’t want it to be anywhere you or a pet’s going to bump into it or get snagged on the power cord. It is most suggested to put it on a flat waterproof surface approximately three feet off the ground, pointed away from electrical outlets which, in rare cases, can rust or short circuit.


A portable whole house humidifier thankfully is easy to find when you shop with Once you’ve got it in your hands, add cold water – not hot. Hot water has minerals that can temporarily stain the inside of the device, in addition to breeding bacteria and mold. Also, note that no essential oils should ever be added to the water tank. This will only damage your equipment. If you are truly an essential oil lover, there a various range of choices to find a desirable essential oil diffuser from 

Humidifier benefits evidently begin to disappear if the device isn’t being cleaned frequently. Bacteria, mold, and mildew can grow in a dirty humidifier. The result of this is triggering lung problems, eventually leading to the flu or infection. A humidifier should ideally be cleaned once every 3 days if it’s being used regularly. Use a brush to clean the walls and only apply cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer. Rinse several times. Clean or replace any filters and/or belts, if there are any on your model, within the time frame recommended.


The last thing we want to mention when using a humidifier at home is to not add too much moisture. Indoor humidity should be rated 30-40 percent. Anything higher, moisture begins to attract on surfaces which could likely lead to bacteria and mold. Humidity is measured via a hygrometer, available for purchase at any hardware store. It is very inexpensive so definitely choose to grab one before plugging in your humidifier for the first time.  


Find the best humidifiers in Canada from and raise those humidity levels to where they need to be. Breathe in nice, moisture-laden, dewy air that will soothe cold and flu symptoms, helping you feel more comfortable in your home.

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