Should I Still Be Disinfecting My Medical Office for COVID-19?

For many Canadians, they may continue to see COVID-19 in the news headlines but they aren’t necessarily facing the risks of this virus day-to-day. Few people are wearing masks. Most are vaccinated. For a lot of Canadians, for better or for worse, COVID-19 is not a concern. At a medical office though, it’s different.

Should you still be disinfecting a medical office for COVID-19? Absolutely, yes. That’s a major reason why, for Black Friday, medical disinfectants and cleaners are being discounted at We deal with many medical clinics all across the country and COVID-19 is still a very serious threat to their operations.

Here’s why disinfecting for COVID-19 is still a priority and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

COVID-19 Hasn’t Disappeared

Every month, there are new variants. Every day, we see how COVID-19 continues to impact the medical system in Canada, from emergency rooms to surgeries. Nothing is as effective at killing the coronavirus as disinfectants. Dish soap won’t do it. Sanitizers can’t. Multiple studies show medical disinfectants will.

It’s Your Responsibility

In some jurisdictions, it’s the law for ep all stakeholders in close proximity safe. If you are regulated to follow certain precautions, there is no way around it. It’s an absolute must and your responsibility as medical clinics to wear masks and take COVID-19 precautions in order to follow the rules.

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You Protect Your Clients

People who visit a medical clinic are often vulnerable. They either have an illness, condition, or health concern of some kind, and are often at a greater risk of complications arising from contracting COVID-19. No clinic wants to be responsible for getting their clients ill as well as the harm it causes to others.

Medical Clinics Are High Risk

Medical clinics and medical offices are a high-risk setting for COVID-19. If COVID-19 enters and isn’t adequately handled, it can spread to dozens of people in a single day, if not far more. The end result could be hundreds of people infected. Through regular office disinfection procedures, you’re killing the virus bacteria if it’s there. You turn a high-risk setting into something more manageable and carrying far less risk for your clients or patients.

You Protect Your Clinic Staff

If your medical office has physicians, nurses, and admins who are sick with COVID-19, that can shut down operations in some cases. At the very least, you will be down staff and experience a loss of revenue. Although disinfecting isn’t a guarantee you won’t get COVID-19, it’s a major tool that an office can use to greatly minimize the spread.

Medical Disinfectants Work

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A sure way to kill COVID-19 in seconds is to use medical-grade disinfectants, in addition to taking precautions such as wearing face masks and limiting points of contact. The bottom line is medical disinfectants are inexpensive and they work. A quick spray-and-wipe could be all you need to ensure a surface has been properly disinfected prior to an appointment or other use.



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