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In the past few months, Gua Sha has taken the world on Instagram. It has started from Jade Rollers, but this time with Gua Sha. They both have the same concept, but use it differently. One is about scraping, the other is about rolling. The benefits are wonderful, and it's never been so popular; this tool from the ancient Chinese facial treatment. Why then, is it popular now? Well, you will see how great this is!

Many of our posts talk about how great Gua Sha is, and can help you on different levels to change your skin. It has so many benefits that your skin is aching to try! It is not expensive, and fairly easy to use. Moreover, you can find many Youtube Tutorial Videos on how to use these tools.

The benefits of using Gua Sha include brightening, anti-aging, minimize pores, improve blood circulation, boost lymphatic drainage, and so on. This tool is safe and easy to use for morning and night routines, because you will be “scraping” your face gently, with your favorite oil or cream. It does not take long to perform; it can take from 1 minute to 5 minutes of your time! By using this everyday, you will continually see optimal result. Plus, this will help your products to absorb and sink in your skin way faster.


So, why is this tool so popular now?

Simply put, it is because it has proven an amazing experience and result. It all started with plastic, rocks, and normal material. Soon after, they have created ones with gemstones, and crystals. One of the most sold nowadays are the Rose Quartz! They are pretty Crystals, and people love the meaning behind rose quartz. Love stone, and promote the self love, which directly means self-care. Rose Quartz has been more in demand now, as it is a popular product too. It especially helps to keep its coldness. If we sum this up, not only you will be using your favorite Crystals, or Gemstone, you will be using it for skincare benefits!

Gua Sha for Improving Skin wrinkles, dryness - Lierre Canada

Fall is already here, and you see this weather, constantly moving… Yes it is moving fast, and you are not at all ready for it! But we are here to help you! It is sad to say, that cold weather actually harms our skin. Another perfect reason why you should get your Gua Sha tool. These are the best for your skin, and helps sink in your favorite product, just like the roller. As you apply those heavy products, your skin will slowly absorb the product. But what if you want to maximize the benefits of these expensive creams? Invest in a good tool that can help you optimize these benefits I mentioned.

Rose Quartz Gua Sha - Thera Crystals™ (Heart Shape) Lierre Canada


If you still don’t understand how to use these products, there are many people who hosts classes, especially on Gua Sha. I have noticed that, over the years, people are starting to slowly implement Gua Sha in their massage therapy! This is why there are even classes for professional levels!

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