The Ultimate Winter Skincare Guide

We all want to know, how do we take better care of our skin in winter? Cold temperatures combined with the dryness of winter can make it a very damaging time – albeit temporarily – in the appearance of our skin. The uncomfortable feeling of the skin makes people suffer a lot in daily life no matter what they are doing, working or studying. We are not able to control the length of winter, but we can try our best to apply some treatments to the skincare routine. 


In the same way, you winterize your home and change your outfit come winter to match the temperatures outside, such as heaters and diffusers, we’ve got to do the same for our skin. Until those numbers move up to springtime levels, here’s how to tweak your skincare routine to combat winter and defy the conditions.




If you have the appearance of a dull winter face, expose it to more antioxidants. The secret of young-looking skin gives amounts of credit to antioxidants solution. There are skincare products like Secret Strips which can help infuse moisture directly into the skin. Secret Strips are primarily used to treat signs of aging of the skin but also replenishes and hydrates your skin with its treatment. Moreover, Hyaluronic acid manually applied to the strips hydrates and replenishes tired and dehydrated skin. If the two treatments of Secret Strips applied every other day, skin will sustain the best condition despite the seasons. More is needed though. Antioxidants protect against cell damage, meaning they protect against damage to the skin as well. Eat them, use them in skincare, and be generous.

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Your winter skincare essentials routine begins with the recommendation to moisturize. There is nothing more important. The thicker the cream, the better. Light lotions won’t work in winter. However, it should also be noticed that you need to have a clearing recognition of your skin type so as to choose the most appropriate cream. Skincare moisturizers are a lifesaver for those with eczema or similar skin conditions which can aggravate in the dry conditions of winter. Lastly, always moisturize when your skin is still a little damp or even wet. This makes it so that your moisturizer absorbs quicker. 

It is also a good idea to give dry skin in winter a combo treatment. Drinking enough water every day, 8 cups or more helps you keep the level of the moisture inside the body. Having a good habit of taking good care of skin with moisturizing products contributes to a stable skin condition to a great extent. Last but not the least, placing an ultrasonic diffuser or a humidifier indoors benefit the skin of throwing out dryness. A humidifier is going to help keep your skin from going dry and brittle with all the heat being circulated through the home. On top of that, a humidifier will also help to protect your throat, sinuses, and keep everything moisturized.

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SPF in mornings


When we talk winter face skincare, it’s integral to use SPF in the morning before you set sail and supplement every four hours. Ultraviolet light is still coming through in winter, leading to all kinds of damage as much as caused by the sun is summer. Don’t neglect the sunscreen as there’s virtually no difference between the sun in the summer and the sun during wintertime. Applying sunscreen should be a whole-year skincare routine, although the SPF level of sunscreen can be a bit lower in winter. 


Take care of those lips!


Fixing a flaky face in winter, we can get carried away focusing on broad areas of skin at the expense of our lips. Unfortunately, the lips are very prone to cracking. It is painful if lips are dry and even worse some people have the habit of tearing off all the dead skin on the lip causing bleeding. That is so terrible! A moisturizing ointment ideal protection. If it has a little SPF to it, that’s even better. No animal testing, no artificial colors, no artificial preservatives, and no artificial scents make Nova Scotia Fisherman Candy Cane Lip Balm popular in the market. 

Nova Scotia Fisherman Candy Cane Lip Balm

Be careful with hot showers


Naturally in winter, we want to soak in the shower for a few minutes extra. The temp goes hot, keeping you comfortable at ease. Unfortunately, when you take a long hot shower longer than ten minutes, you’re drying out your skin and literally pulling out its moisture. If this sounds like you, you’re absolutely not alone. We all do it! This winter, try to limit showers to no longer than 10 minutes. Afterward, you may want to have some moisturizing time as well to replenish any moisture lost.

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