How to choose the right tea for you?

There is no right and wrong tea, but one thing for sure is that you need to discover what you like and what is the purpose behind it. On the topic of tea and winter, it comes in mind that people are catching cold very easily around this time of the year. 

Here is one of the factors that are important and need to take into considerations to determine what is right for you. 


With anything that you consume, your first need to think about what benefit can this give me? We got you covered because each of the different herbs, has a purpose and serves something. 

  • White tea: White tea is amongst the most delicate tea because of its process. The tea itself can help reduce stress, improve brain functioning (making better decisions), relaxes and soothes your mental. 
  • Green Tea: Green tea is one of the healthiest tea as it is really rich in antioxidants and nutrients. It can help balancing diet, low sugar intake, protects against heart disease and hydrates very well while being high in caffeine. 
  • Tieguanyin Tea: Tieguanyin Tea improves the overall digestive problems. It soothes your stomach and contains polyphenols which is known to be an energized ingredient. It will make your body feel better and even more productive. 
  • Wuyi Rock Tea: Great tea to detox your body as it brings the overall cleansing to the body and diet control. 
  • Black Tea: Black tea is a great alternative to coffee, it contains the same amount of caffeine as a normal coffee. It helps to remove bad toxins and regulates insulin and blood sugar levels. 

Depending on each tea, there are different benefits associated to it. For winter, it is important to always stay hydrated and fight against those bad bacteria. Green tea is one of our favorite tea to combat any problems. It is great for energy level and it is really rare to find a drink that it can have a balance between energy and hydration. 

Have you chosen your best tea? Did we help you at all? It will be great to hear from you. You can now survive the whole winter without being too tired and too dehydrated. Keep on reading our blogs to know more about how to combat winter seasons! 


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