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Buyers of loose leaf tea in Canada already know the benefits of loose tea over purchasing tea bags. Although some may find it easier to just have a case of bags, in most cases, loose tea is significantly better for your health and is evidently easier to customize. When you visit an online tea store, you may notice they provide loose-leaf tea in the form of ‘whole-leaf tea’. Whole leaf tea is a collection made of up whole, unbroken leaves.

Comparatively, tea bags are low grade teas, made from smaller pieces akin to dust. Tea bags’ teas have a larger surface area than whole leaves which means more opportunity for flavours and/or aromas to evaporate. Although this smells wonderful and is fanciful to be around, it ultimately results in a tea that is more dull and stale. Now, some teas, such as Japanese green teas, are naturally broken apart like this in processing. If you’re passionate about finding loose leaf tea in Canada, you’ll discover a wide array of different tastes.

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Loose-leaf teas are not broken apart into smaller pieces and are not brewed in a teabag. Loose-leaf tea is steeped, allowing the tea leaves to absorb water and expand. Water flows through the leaves and extracts those vitamins, minerals, flavours, and aromas, and for the most part, it keeps it all locked into the tea rather than having it evaporate away.

When you employ infusion on a tea bag, it’s always going to be limited by the size of the bag. Teabags first began to be used not only because of commercialization but also, because otherwise full-leaf tea did not yield a very flavourful teabag. Smaller particles of tea increases surface area and the flavor of the cup. Cheap, easy, and good enough, it was successful.

That being said, today we have tea infusers and more products that can help to make loose leaf tea well worth purchasing alternative to a box of teabags which is not going to serve up much variation or benefit. The possibility of switching to loose leaf teas and using a tea infuser can seem intimidating at first.

Thankfully, there are plenty of tea shops online that make it easy, suggesting ways to find and brew teas. If you’re browsing teas, think of the flavour profiles you like. For example, if you enjoy black teas in teabag form, you can seek out a black loose-leaf tea. Let’s say you like something with a little more flavour, well, there’s certainly no shortage of loose teas available! If all you’ve ever had was tea bags, consider making the switch to loose tea to see what we mean when we’re talking about more flavour and more health benefits to your cup of tea. Buy loose tea in Canada from Lierre.ca.


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