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The struggle to sleep is real for many Canadians. Insomnia, inability to sleep due to pain, and difficulty staying asleep can come with major health problems in time.

Thinking about sleep aids, we don’t usually come to acupuncture needles. Even so, numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of acupuncture therapy in improving sleep and treating insomnia.

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How acupuncture works, for those that don’t know or who haven’t tried it, is in the application of fine needles on strategic areas of the body. These regions are thought to stimulate nerves and muscles.

Naturally, you might think, doesn’t sticking acupuncture needles in the body hurt? The answer is no. The needles are so thin that you may not even feel them going in and any discomfort is momentary. As the needles go in, acupuncture relieves pain through stimulated blood flow as well as an endorphin release. In addition, it’s been shown to boost fertility, help in treating migraines, and reducing allergy symptoms.

When it comes to sleep, scientists don’t quite know why acupuncture helps. Many theorize it’s relaxation in acupuncture which is so powerful. For many patients, they also enjoy reduced pain and anxiety which understandably will encourage a person to fall asleep easier and remain asleep. Also, an added benefit is that some preliminary studies have shown research supporting acupuncture as a sleep apnea treatment.

Acupuncture needles targets sleep by improving and helping along the hormonal, digestive, psychological, and neurological systems in the body. No matter what the root of the insomnia problem is, acupuncture touches on so many different areas that it can produce noticeable benefit. Some studies have shown acupuncture increases the body’s natural melatonin production at night which is great news for anyone looking to sleep longer and more restfully.

How acupuncture can cure insomnia?

Thankfully, after decades of being dismissed in the Canadian medical community by skeptics, research on acupuncture has meant it’s finally taken seriously as a form of alternative medicine. For any person who is suffering with pain or who finds themselves unable to sleep, don’t discount acupuncture as a possible solution. Believe it or not, those fine, sterile acupuncture needles are great stress relievers and will have you ready to enjoy a good night’s rest in no time.

Just like so many other Canadians already know, there’s no question that acupuncture improves sleep. If you're having difficulty falling asleep or trouble staying asleep and there’s no serious underlying cause, this is a route you may want to go down. Combined with a committed sleep schedule and exercising more, acupuncture can make a tremendous difference. Consider enjoying two to three sessions to see if it changes the way you sleep. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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