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Who knew those tiny acupuncture needles could do so much! Once dismissed as traditional Chinese medicine, there’s now irrefutable evidence suggesting acupuncture can help treat a wide variety of different conditions. Based on real science, acupuncture’s been shown to help the body’s physical pathways minimize the severity of certain symptoms and more. Here are 4 medical conditions you can treat with acupuncture.

Migraine headaches

Migraines are no joke. Every year, they result in people being unable to fulfill personal and professional obligations, and interferes with a person’s ability to live their daily life. Acupuncture over time can help migraine sufferers by reducing the intensity and frequency of one’s migraines. Acupuncture’s been proven more effective than placebo across multiple different kinds of chronic pain, including headaches.

Can acupuncture treat migraines?


Reproductive issues

If you suffer from painful periods, infertility, or menopause, some women have found relief using acupuncture. Although the exact reason why is not known, several studies have shown acupuncture eases the symptoms of these painful conditions. It’s not fun for any woman to have to suffer in silence. Provide yourself with a healthier uterine environment and improve the way your body handles everything going on down there.

How does acupuncture help digestive issues?

Gastrointestinal disorders

7 million Canadians suffer from digestive diseases every year, including acid reflux, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and ulcerative colitis. These interrupt our daily lives and symptoms include pain. Medications are only so-so effective and usually costly. Acupuncture’s demonstrated statistical significance in helping those who suffer from gastrointestinal disorders. Acupuncture is viewed as superior to other alternative treatments in tackling gastrointestinal problems.


Mental health conditions like depression and anxiety affect millions of Canadians every year. There’s growing evidence to suggest acupuncture can assist in treating anxiety and depression. Assuming you’re experiencing mild symptoms and/or traditional pharmaceuticals simply aren’t working for you, acupuncture might be a recommendation to take. Although acupuncture cannot treat any root causes of anxiety or depression, neither can any medication. Even so, acupuncture can help to remedy tough-to-manage symptoms.

Is Acupuncture good for stress?

Now that acupuncture’s getting the recognition many practitioners have always maintained it had, it’s worth giving a try for a few weeks if you suffer from any of these conditions. Inserting acupuncture needles, people might think you feel everything but it’s rather the opposite. You won’t feel a thing. Acupuncture works on both traditional Chinese medicine and also, uses Western-based strategies to open up the body’s pathways and engage its natural healing elements.

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