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Though most Canadians are aware of acupuncture as a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, not everyone’s aware of its increasingly prominent role in beauty treatments! While popular across China, Japan and South Korea, acu-lifting has only starting to really take off in North American in the past few years.

shop aculifting supplies in canada at

It may seem odd – and even scary!- from an outsider’s perspective to insert needles in someone’s face, but rest assured, the treatment is far from being as painful or uncomfortable as it sounds. In fact, the acupuncture needles used in these treatments are even smaller than regular acupuncture needles: that is to say, incredibly small, much closer to a hair’s width than a sewing needle’s size. So, in case you were wondering – no, it doesn’t leave any marks. Treatments can also involve very light electric stimulation and massage. Though this might seem like it strays a bit further from acupuncture, it isn’t the case –the needling part of the treatment, massage and electric stimulation all function to activate and relax facial muscles, and work along the meridians to increase circulation. These forms of stimulation have a very apparent effect on the skin, since the muscles and dermis are intimately connected; additionally, the health of the rest of the body, including the organs, is inevitably reflected in the skin’s appearance. In light of this fact, aculifting specialists will often also insert needles along other points in the body. An acu-lifting treatment will typically be around an hour and a half, and its effects will last around three weeks: it can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles and redness, even out skin tone, and restore the skin’s youthful softness. If you’re lucky enough that none of these problems affect you, acu-lifting might still be useful: as a preventative approach, it’ll keep your face looking youthful and radiant for years longer. Interested in learning more about what else acupuncture needles can do?

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