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Acupuncture in Canada is one of the most effective pain management therapies and could be an alternative to opioid addiction.

Healthcare systems are strained by opioid abusers. On one hand, there’s a rise in people using drugs such as fentanyl. On the other, there are patients in pain who either are not receiving adequate pain control from their doctors or are refused to pain prescriptions. This fact pushes people to procure themselves street drugs or opioids not prescribed.

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Thankfully, many patients are seeing promising results with acupuncture as a non-pharmacological treatment. Acupuncture has proven effective at the stimulation of pain-killing endorphins, releasing natural anti-inflammatory compounds. As acupuncture needles are inserted, they use the body’s own natural chemistry to treat pain and discomfort. Are they as effective as opioids? Not clinically speaking. For several patients, acupuncture has proven to be just as effective – and sometimes more – than synthetic drugs. More importantly, they carry none of the risks of addiction or side effects.

Acupuncture as a pain management treatment isn’t the only way in which it’s used to help patients. Another way is in the treatment of addiction, it helps to reduce the various symptoms of withdrawal of opioids, and to help prevent relapse. There are clinical evidences suggesting acupuncture supplies can be used to reduce cravings, assist detoxification, and treat symptoms such as nausea, insomnia, depression, and PTSD. If you are a recovering opioid user and/or addict, acupuncture may be a good way to help you move forward. Outside of our country, there are opioid treatment centers who are already using acupuncture regularly to treat addiction.

Acupuncture in Canada is already used at hospitals to cure some cancer symptoms such as nausea. It is safe, cost-effective, evidence-based, and carries no risk. Literally no risk involved! Acupuncture is currently studied for application in emergency room situations, in maternity wards, in surgical wards, and elsewhere. Although it’s been common in China and other countries for decades, in Canada, we’re still learning.

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As a method of reducing the need for opioids, to manage pain and/or to treat opioid addiction, acupuncture practitioners are finding great success. There is high potential for acupuncture to become a prominent anti-opioid therapy, helping millions of Canadians and people worldwide.

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