How Do We Know if Our Facial Rollers Are Real

Facial rollers look pretty and like they would be the sort of thing that’d be effective in skin care and beauty. But, do they actually deserve a place on our skincare shelf – here our answer. In a landscape of beauty and skincare products making all sorts of claims, separating fact from marketing is tough. Naturally, when we see something sparkly, shiny, new, and with supporting keywords suggesting evidence they work, we think they’re worth trying. Yet, when we do, products don’t often meet their claims.

 What are facial rollers good for?

A facial roller is a paint roller-esque tool. It is usually made from stone like jade. In application, a roller’s known to reduce puffiness, minimize the appearance of under-eye circles, help with smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, and helps to move away stagnant toxins and blood while bringing in fresh, nutrient-rich, oxygen-heavy blood. This all equates to healthier skin in appearance and function. Jade rollers have been used in high societies and cultures since the 1600s but have only recently made it to Canada.


Examining a jade roller, you will find there is a larger stone and a smaller stone. The larger’s appropriate for cheeks, jaw, and forehead, while the smaller is meant for under the eyes and around the mouth. To use it, you apply a gentle pressure. The tool is rolled from the center of the face upwards or outwards. It’s the gentlest of massages that works to increase circulation while also stimulating lymphatic drainage in the face which will help to take way that puffiness. When there’s stagnancy or swelling in the face, this may be one of the more effective ways to help it.

 Do facial rollers work?

So let’s get down to brass tax, do jade rollers actually work? Well, facial rollers do produce real results. They aren’t no miracle cure for anything but they do produce changes in the skin and face. You probably aren’t getting as much collagen stimulation as some may advertise however that aside, for acute conditions such as puffiness or redness in the skin, it’s very effective at smoothing these out. In addition, jade rollers are known to stimulate circulation. These are just some of the benefits of facial rollers.


Facial rollers produce real results, scientifically proven and verifiable. On top of what’s already been mentioned, a lot of people use them for helping to work in treatment serums and oils. Movement throughout the face and in the skin is a great thing, carrying nutrients and oxygen in. Facial rollers are a great tool to carry around in your purse when you need something extra to layer on some more prettiness and reduce puffiness. They’re definitely worth the investment and although the benefits may be somewhat temporary in nature, used regularly you can see tremendous advantages!

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