Black Friday May Be the Best Time to Stock Up on Acupuncture Supplies

Are you an acupuncture clinic in need of acupuncture supplies in Canada? There’s no better time to grab a deal than on Black Friday. is a Canadian-based online marketplace sharing high-quality acupuncture needles, beauty, skincare, self-care, and medical clinic supplies. Any clinic in need of acupuncture supplies this fall, definitely checks out the inventory on Black Friday sale before it sells out. You’ll be pleasantly shocked at how much money you can save buying in bulk.


The best Black Friday deals on acupuncture supplies


In celebration of Black Friday, we invite acupuncturists to browse the wide array of professional-grade materials and items we have in the catalogue. Acupuncture supplies deals like this come few and far between. You will find multiple brands of acupuncture needles as well as gua sha and reflexology tools, probes, therapeutic magnets, acupuncture accessories, and medical clinic equipment. If need be, one could start an entirely new clinic with everything we have available. For an acupuncturist, it’s heaven at all Black Friday long.

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The importance of a high-quality acupuncture needle


Black Friday deals aside, a quality manufactured acupuncture needle counts for a lot. Cheap, low-quality acupuncture needles exist. Buying them overseas, a lot of the time you will find the product you receive to have some sort of quality issue. When you buy from, receive a product that is always individually packaged, fully sterilized, and prepared in facilities with strong quality control standards. Every acupuncture needle comes to a standard size, length, and width. Choose your favourite brand and needle type, and get it delivered to your front door.


Why Black Friday is the time to shop


Black Friday deals come from all sorts of places, including corporate retail chains and online retailers. Unfortunately, few companies focus on self-care, beauty products, or skincare.’s trying to change that by tying in Black Friday with professional-grade beauty, health, and skin products. Before those Canadian nights get inconceivably cold and the days grow shorter, do a little Black Friday shopping and pick up everything you need for acupuncture.

 Black Friday May Be the Best Time to Stock Up on Acupuncture Supplies

What acupuncture supplies you can find on sale


As well as having some of Canada’s best-selling acupuncture needles on-sale, you can find accessories like alcohol swabs, cotton balls, sharps collectors, pliers, small rollers, needle saucers, alcohol dispensers, vinyl exam gloves, stainless steel instrument trays, cotton ball jars, and a lot more. It's Lierre’s goal to not only connect with acupuncturists all over Canada but to make it easier for medical clinics to re-order key basic supplies.


This Black Friday, jump on the deals at It’s one of the best times of year to stock up – guaranteed!

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