When is Black Friday 2019 and What Deals Should I Get from Lierre.ca

Black Friday 2019 hits us in Canada on Friday, November 29. As the nights grow cold and days become shorter, the feverish Black Friday shopping holiday hits pretty much centre between Halloween and Christmas.


Lierre.ca is a Canadian-based health and beauty online shopping platform where alternative medicine practitioners, acupuncturists, chiropractors, athletes, and general consumers come to purchase a mix of general and advanced health and beauty products.


This is hardly our first Black Friday. We know the day’s usually more closely associate with electronics and corporation retail but we want to do our part in offering Canadians something different. Using a mix of our products, we believe anyone can live a healthier, more fulfilling life. Here are some of the best Black Friday deals 2019 from Lierre.ca.


Booster X2 percussion massage gun


For athletes with an interest in muscle recovery, minimizing soreness after a strenuous workout, and/or looking at ways to increase mobility while taking away the pain and discomfort we sometimes face, a percussion massage gun’s the perfect gift to yourself. Anywhere on the body, press it into your muscle and within minutes it’ll take care of any soreness. Although the ‘percussion’ maybe a little too much for some, for athletes, it shouldn’t be a problem.

 Booster X2 Percussion Massage Gun for Muscle Recovery

Tear-away bulk acupuncture needles


One of the better Black Friday deals we have is on acupuncture needles. If you’re an acupuncturist or have a medical clinic wherein acupuncture is offered, this is a great time to purchase in bulk all the accessories and acupuncture needles you need. Let’s face it, as practitioners, we all replenish our inventory multiple times throughout the year. Look at the money you can save by buying a little more on Black Friday. Annually, you could potentially save $100s buying in bulk from a distributor like Lierre.ca.

 ShinLin™ Tear Away 10 Bulk Acupuncture Needles 1000 / box

Tian Ma Gou Teng Wan


On Black Friday sale is Tian Ma Gou Teng Wan, a traditional Chinese herbal medicine which will help calm the liver. The use of this Chinese herb concoction will clear away pathogenic heat, promote circulation, nourish the kidneys and liver, and is a common treatment for headaches, migraines, and insomnia as well. Lierre.ca has a number of traditional Chinese medicines, extremely helpful in treating conditions from pain to digestion issues and everything in between.

 Tian Ma Gou Teng Wan

Put it in your calendar right now! November 28 is the day to do your shopping at Lierre.ca. Nab early Christmas gifts, buy stuff for yourself or purchase what you would normally except getting it on a better deal. Prices will be slashed! Kick-off Black Friday with us this month. Expect to see some deals start early in November. Get it all from Lierre.ca.  

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