Black Friday Deal at

YAHOO! The Black Friday deal is coming soon at the end of the Nov, just like how we usually do as our tradition, every year we will prepare some popular sale items with HUGE discount to our customers, hopefully everyone will enjoy the upcoming Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale from us, this time, we are going to have up to 80% OFF of amazing deals waiting for you, please stay tuned with our Newsletter, social as well as other channels in order to get the most updated information.

What did you guys do before Black Friday sale?

During the last couples of month, we have been through lots of changes, we did several major updates from our web sites, systems as well as the products lines, the reason behind that is because we wanted to offer a better service to our customers, we learned that from the customers that there had some issues before regard to our web site such as speed, mobile, features as well as payments, because of that, we had decided to migration our site to something that is far better, faster and bug free platform where people can make orders at the same time enjoy the freedom of shopping much better than before. We are glad that after many months of hard working we had finally made the site much more efficient than before, although we know that there might be still some minor errors, however, we are confident to say that we will eventually optimize those what we had and always put the value of "customer first" as our motto by offering them superiors services.


What about the products lines, what will be the next direction?

Since the beginning of the year, we have imported some interesting product lines such as skincare, physiotherapy, household products to test how it goes, the idea behind that is because we wanted to try something that we did not try before, and the results are great, we received lots of positive feedback from our customers and that is why you will be very lucky if you read this blog because all the new products that we are about to have, are guaranteed is going to be the LOWEST PRICE OF THE YEAR that you ever going to see, so do not miss the chance while it is still not too late. 

Regard to future product plan and direction, we are going to constantly improve our current existing product lines such as acupuncture needles with more varieties and options for different purposes, at the same time, we are happy to announce that we are going to extend our physiotherapy products in a deeper levels, we already had some success stories such as “percussion massage gun” and “IASTM tool”, we are going to study and develop more new products that people will need, so feel free to stay tuned with our web site.


In the following is the Black Friday 2019 sneak peek what you would like to see from our Black Friday Promo

What other activities that you are planning to do aside Black Friday 2019?

Since after Black Friday then it will be cyber Monday, we are also going to have even to celebrate this event as well, at the same time, since the Black Friday deal will be held starting on Nov 29th, starting by the first week of Nov, we will host a content on Facebook & Instagram to have some fun game to interact and understand more about our customers , we will prepare with some amazing gift with some fun quiz to interact and understand our customers better about us and our products, feel free to visit our facebook / Instagram page to find out more information.

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