Best time to stock up acupuncture accessories on Black Friday 2019

The biggest shopping day and best deals throughout 2019 will hit on November 29th, which would be a great time for all the people to reserve essential products ahead of time at a good price to save dollars of money. For acupuncturists, it is definitely a perfect chance to order acupuncture needles and clinic accessories at this time. The best Black Friday deals are coming out at one by one.

ShinLin™ Tear Away 10 Bulk Acupuncture Needles

Shinlin Tear Away 10 Bulk Acupuncture needles come with an even eco-friendly packaging design to help to save the environment. Made by the surgical grade of stainless steel, this advanced kind has top-notch quality in the industry. It can be a perfect choice for professionals who need a bunch of needles at times. 

Best time to stock up acupuncture accessories on Black Friday 2019

Disposable Seven Star Needles

Sometimes, acupuncture seems scary and painful for some people. Presenting as a replacement of acupuncture treatment, the Seven Star Needles serve as an effective way of stimulating blood circulation, so as to gain a similar effect with acupuncture treatment. Coming with one hammer and twelve replacement heads, the Disposable Seven Star Needles features seven tiny needles. 

Disposable Seven Star Needles

Acu Relaxo™ Tab-less Acupuncture Needles

As the name goes, Acu Relaxo Tab-less needles spare fewer efforts when doing acupuncture. It is known as a kind of needles which needs to be simply placed on the acupoints and tap the needle with a single hand. Because of the easy-use of this product, a lot of acupuncturists are lean towards it. 

 Acu Relaxo™ Tab-less Acupuncture Needles 100 / Box

Besides these brand new acupuncture needles, Lierre also provides ordinary needles for most use, such as Shinlin Singles and 10 bulk, Acu Relaxo individuals and 5 Bulk. Find more Black Friday deals at  

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