COVID-19 reopening guidelines differ from province to province but they do share a few things in common. Here is a rough outline of what to expect from your medical clinic’s reopening guidelines, including personal protective equipment (PPE) and infection control.

Face Masks and Face Shield

When social distancing can’t be maintained - as it is often the case in medical clinics - disposable face masks are the next best thing. Make sure that every patient and every staff member is wearing a face mask at all times. You could also wear one of our face shields if you prefer. Remember: this will help protect the most vulnerable ones from close-contact transmission of COVID-19.

Hand Sanitizer Availability

Every clinic should have hand sanitizer for both staff and patients. Purgerme Antibacterial Alcohol Hand Gel, made to kill 99% of the most common germs, is a great sanitizer to get, but check out all of our selection online at Always have some sanitizer out and available for patients to use as they enter. Encourage its use. Personal infection control is key in preventing COVID-19’s transmission.

Hand Washing Schedule

Since alcohol-based sanitizer can really dry out hands, it doesn’t hurt to give your staff some assigned time throughout the day to wash their hands. This helps to kill and rinse away any virus on the hands. Soap and water scrubbed in for at least twenty seconds is as effective as using hand sanitizer.

Screening Questions

Anyone entering your clinic should be screened for COVID-19. Depending on where you’re located, your Ministry of Health may have different guidelines on what to ask. Most common questions have to do with symptoms like fever, cough, breathing difficulties, loss of sense of smell among others. Also ask if the person went on vacations or was in contact with someone infected by COVID-19. Some clinics may also take temperatures through an infrared digital thermometer.

Sick Patients Should Wait Until Full Recovery 

Unfortunately, as a part of your infection control policy, if someone is suspected of having coronavirus, they cannot be admitted into your clinic for appointments. They should be advised to attend a local testing center and receive confirmation on whether they have the virus or not. Though somewhat discriminatory, it is imperative that this guideline is followed. We cannot risk physicians, practitioners and healthcare professionals getting sick, in addition to the danger posed to vulnerable patients.

Cleaning Equipment

Medical clinics’ responsibility is to ensure their equipment is being cleaned, disinfected and sterilized when appropriate. Set up a regular schedule. Ensure that your COVID-19 cleaners and disinfectants are fully stocked. Any single-use equipment should be tossed out, waste managed in a safe way and common touch-points cleaned – such as keyboards, desktops, door handles, light switches and so on.

Social Distancing

The best guideline anyone can give is to re-design your clinic to the best you can to maintain social distancing. You will also want to avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. After coughing or sneezing, wash your hands thoroughly. Also, avoid adjusting your face mask. Your PPE and infection control procedures aren’t going to count for much if you aren’t meeting these COVID-19 reopening guidelines. is doing its best to be of service in these trying times. We aim to bring you quality products, essential to a much smoother reopening. Wishing you good luck with all these adjustments! 😊

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