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Showing 1 - 24 of 60 products
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Procedure Earloop Face Masks Procedure Earloop Face Masks
Sale priceFrom $19.00 Regular price$29.00
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Automatic Touchless Foam Hand Soap Dispenser 350mlHow to Use Automatic Touchless Foam Hand Soap Dispenser 350ml
PU leather pillow protector 21"x26.5"PU leather pillow protector 21"x26.5"
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Reusable Anti-Bacterial Cloth Face MaskReusable Anti-Bacterial Cloth Face Mask Reusable Anti-Bacterial Cloth Face Mask
Sale price$5.10 Regular price$16.99
Face Shield Protective Isolation MaskFace Shield Protective Isolation Mask
Plastified Vinyl Pillowcase (White)Plastified Vinyl Pillowcase (White)
Hospital Pillow (White)
Lierre Bolster Hospital Pillow (White)
Sale price$25.00
PU Leather Fitted Table CoverPU Leather Fitted Table Cover
Lierre PU Leather Fitted Table Cover
Sale price$89.00
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Cotton Balls LargeCotton Balls
Lierre Cotton Balls
Sale priceFrom $17.95
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TDP LampTDP Lamp CQ-29
Lierre TDP Lamp
Sale priceFrom $75.00
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Sharps Collector 1.4LSharps Collector 1.4L
BD Sharps Collectors
Sale priceFrom $6.00
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MedPro Latex Finger Cots 144 pcsMedPro Latex Finger Cots 144 pcs
MedPro MedPro Latex Finger Cots 144 pcs
Sale price$7.50
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Sponge Holding ForcepSponge Holding Forcep
Lierre Sponge Holding Forcep
Sale price$15.50
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Small RollerSmall Roller
Lierre Small Roller
Sale price$8.95
9 OZ. Alcohol Dispenser
Lierre 9 OZ. Alcohol Dispenser
Sale price$16.50
Alcohol Dispenser with lockable top 200ml
Alcohol Dispenser with metal top 200ml
Glass Alcohol Dispenser 180ml Glass Alcohol Dispenser 180ml
Sale price$12.00
Cotton Ball Jar
Lierre Cotton Ball Jar
Sale price$25.00
Cotton Ball PincersCotton Ball Pincers
Lierre Cotton Ball Pincers
Sale price$15.00
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Multi-Function RollerMulti Function Roller
Lierre Multi-Function Roller
Sale price$19.00
First Aid Finger Covers
Needle SaucerNeedle Saucer
Lierre Needle Saucer
Sale price$7.95
Stainless steel instrument trayStainless steel instrument tray Stainless steel instrument tray
Sale priceFrom $15.00
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