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Showing 1 - 24 of 27 products
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Sharps Collector 1.4LSharps Collector 1.4L
BD Sharps Collectors
Sale priceFrom $5.40 Regular price$6.00
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Cotton Balls LargeCotton Balls
Lierre Cotton Balls
Sale priceFrom $16.16 Regular price$17.95
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Small RollerSmall Roller
Lierre Small Roller
Sale price$8.95
Sponge Holding ForcepSponge Holding Forcep
Lierre Sponge Holding Forcep
Sale price$15.50
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Needle SaucerNeedle Saucer
Lierre Needle Saucer
Sale price$7.95
Lori Alcohol Antiseptic Swabs (200pcs, 3cmx6.5cm)Lori Alcohol Antiseptic Swabs (200pcs, 3cmx6.5cm)
9 OZ. Alcohol Dispenser
Lierre 9 OZ. Alcohol Dispenser
Sale price$16.50
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Stainless steel instrument trayStainless steel instrument tray Stainless steel instrument tray
Sale priceFrom $13.50 Regular price$15.00
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Mini stimulator clipsMini stimulator clips
Lierre Mini stimulator clips
Sale price$7.99
Multi-Function RollerMulti Function Roller
Lierre Multi-Function Roller
Sale price$19.00
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Vinyl pulse diagnosis wrist cushionVinyl pulse diagnosis wrist cushion
Lierre Vinyl pulse diagnosis wrist cushion
Sale priceFrom $10.20 Regular price$12.00
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Cotton Ball Jar
Lierre Cotton Ball Jar
Sale price$25.00
DL Dufort Alcohol SwabsDL Dufort Alcohol Swabs DL Dufort Alcohol Swabs
Sale price$6.99
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Acupuncture Practice  Cushion
Lierre Acupuncture Practice Cushion
Sale price$12.00 Regular price$15.00
Magnetic Needle Collecting WandMagnetic Needle Collecting Wand, acupuncture needles
Lierre Magnetic Needle Collecting Wand
Sale price$16.99
Angled ProbeAngled Probe
Lierre Angled Probe
Sale price$12.00
Forceps 5"
Lierre Forceps 5"
Sale price$8.00
Spring Probe
Lierre Spring Probe
Sale price$12.00
Lancet PenLancet Pen
Lierre Lancet Pen
Sale price$20.00
Ear ProbeEar Probe
Lierre Ear Probe
Sale price$12.00
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Utility Basin
Lierre Utility Basin
Sale priceFrom $6.60 Regular price$8.25
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Ion pumping cordsIon pumping cords
Lierre Ion pumping cords
Sale price$16.20 Regular price$18.00
Dual End ProbeDual End Probe
Lierre Dual End Probe
Sale price$12.50
Large RollerLarge Roller
Lierre Large Roller
Sale price$50.00

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