Human Body Models

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Showing 1 - 23 of 23 products
Zone Ear Model
Lierre Zone Ear Model
Sale price$15.00
Female Acupuncture Model 48cmFemale Acupuncture Model 48cm
Lierre Female Acupuncture Model 48cm
Sale price$50.00
Male Acupuncture Model 50cmMale Acupuncture Model 50cm
Lierre Male Acupuncture Model 50cm
Sale price$69.00
Male Acupuncture Model 60CMMale Acupuncture Model 60CM
Lierre Male Acupuncture Model 60CM
Sale price$55.00
Foot Acupuncture ModelFoot Acupuncture Model
Lierre Foot Acupuncture Model
Sale price$49.00
Male Acupuncture Model 55cmMale Acupuncture Model 55cm
Lierre Male Acupuncture Model 55cm
Sale price$75.00
Life-size acupuncture ear model (Pair)Life-size acupuncture ear model (Pair) Life-size acupuncture ear model (Pair)
Sale price$49.00
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Head Model 20cmHead Model 20cm
Lierre Head Model 20cm
Sale price$35.00
Skeleton Model 84cm with nerves and blood vessel, Plastic base
16.5" Skeleton Model
Lierre 16.5" Skeleton Model
Sale price$45.00
Acupuncture Human Model 33"
Life Size Skeleton (180cm)
Skeleton with Spinal Nerves
Life Size Fully Flexible Spinal Model
33.5" Skeleton Model
Lierre 33.5" Skeleton Model
Sale price$99.00
Lumbar Model: Vertebrae, Sacrum, Coccyx and Herniated Disc
Lumbar Set (4 pcs)
Lierre Lumbar Set (4 pcs)
Sale price$49.00
Lumbar Set (2 pcs)
Lierre Lumbar Set (2 pcs)
Sale price$29.99
Life Size Spine Model, Pelvis
Practice Ear Acupoint Model Practice Ear Acupoint Model
Sale price$25.00
Lumbar Set (3 pcs)
Lierre Lumbar Set (3 pcs)
Sale price$39.00
Skeleton Model with Muscles and Ligaments
Acupuncture Model 33” coated in golden colorAcupuncture Model 33” coated in golden color

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