How to Prepare and Take Action Against the New Coronavirus

The world is in prep mode for the COVID-19. Coronavirus is likely to become a pandemic and it’s important we understand what happens and when this occurs. Counties such as China, Italy, and Korea are suffering from a number of confirmed patients. The new coronavirus, or COVID-19, is spreading. Everyone should pay high attention to it. Preventing, detecting, and isolating cases of coronavirus is key moving forward. 

How to prepare for the new coronavirus is to be realistic with what it is. Over 97 percent of people who have it have recovered and haven’t passed away from it, which is fortunate. However, the death rate of Coronavirus in Italy reached as high as 6%. Scientists have not pinned down every aspect of the virus, therefore, staying calm and alarmed is the best way to fight off it. Where it is most common, including where the majority of the deaths are coming from, is in countries like China, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Vietnam, and Iran among other countries.

As far as what we can do here in Canada, medical disinfectants have a key role to play. Disinfectants kill coronavirus. For the record, soap and water won’t. A high-quality disinfectant applied on countertops, common touchpoints, surfaces, and your hands will rid yourself of bacteria, germs, viruses, and everything else. Studies showed that the virus can exist in the air and on the surface for as long as 9 days. Keeping your hands disinfected is essential when you touch your face or mouth unconsciously.   

  • Dexidin 2 Solution 450ml is made with 4% isopropyl alcohol. As a fast-acting skin disinfectant, Dexidin leaves no residue behind. You can use it when you like, without having to stop to wash your hands. It’s an easy way to disinfect skin and skin wounds among other uses. As for recommended daily use, every time when you return home from the outside, you should spray with the Dexidin 2 Solution on the coats and shoes, which is effective to isolate outside bacterias. 
How to Prepare and Take Action Against the New Coronavirus

  • BM-28 Antibacterial Emollient Hand Gel is a medical disinfectant containing chloroxylenol 70% ethanol alcohol. This hand gel is meant to be used in a dispenser. You can carry it with you when you take public transportation. Applied to the hands regularly throughout the day, it’s one of the better antibacterial handwash and skin cleansers out there. It is so easy to use and no water needed. 

BM28 Plus - Activated Glutaraldehyde 2%

Another way to take action is to quarantine cases of coronavirus. Look for symptoms of new coronavirus. It is very similar to the flu. If you are an individual with a healthy immune system in good health, you are most likely to be alright. It is still important to report to your local hospital, subject to the next steps.

The World Health Organization continues to rank the risk of COVID-19 as very high. This does not mean it is life and death for you, although for some people it will be. We must take care of ourselves like we would our families. If we prevent ourselves from catching coronavirus, we successfully prevent others from catching it as well. An outbreak of coronavirus, especially in a city like Toronto, could prove very problematic. We must prepare for the worst and take action accordingly.

Having said all this, be cautious but do not live in fear. Do not simply stay at home. You shouldn’t feel like you have to avoid others, avoid work, or avoid public transportation. Live life! Just remember there is coronavirus in the world and things like disinfectants, hand-washing, and facemasks go a long way in keeping you, your family, and friends safe. 

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