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The crystal water bottle trend is taking over Instagram, and health and wellness enthusiasts. For the Thera Crystals™ amethyst crystal elixir water bottles, it’s one of the most popular products in the category. Amethyst is visually an absolutely beautiful stone. A variety of quart, it is commonly used to represent clarity. If you are struggling or have a question you can’t quite figure out your answer to, surrounding yourself with amethyst can help you find the answer.

shop thera crystal elixir water bottle at  

A crystal water bottle takes amethyst healing a step further, inputting amethyst in its center and allowing water to soak around it. The water then becomes infused with amethyst’s energies and the power of the stone can then be ingested. Browsing Instagram and other social media platforms, you’ll see the #crystalelixir hashtag and used by celebrities all over the place. Publications like Vanity Fair, the Globe and Mail, and the New York Times have written about crystal healing, crystal water bottles, and the status symbol that they’ve come.   So what’s so special about the Thera amethyst crystal elixir water bottle – well, you’re buying it from a trusted Canadian supplier of healing stones for one. is where health and wellness enthusiasts come to shop their favourite crystal water bottles, acupuncture accessories, and general health and wellness products. According to the crystal you use, the associated healing or protective qualities are what you receive when you drink. Amethyst’s ability to produce concentration and clarity are sought after by businesspersons, people in a bind, and all sorts of different celebrities, influencers, and people of all walks of life.


A crystal elixir water bottle is convenient and can be taken with you wherever you go. While in past years, you would have had to bring your favourite stones with you in your pocket, today a crystal elixir water bottle is much easier to handle. Crystals like amethyst are all about bringing balance and harmony to our lives. Anything that can help is worth giving a try and that’s why Thera amethyst crystal water bottles are so highly sought after. Those who use them praise the benefits and rightly so. It’s a simply yet effective way of bringing the healing energies of crystals and gemstones into your day.   Anyone focused on personal growth and leaving behind the things that are holding them back this year, a Thera amethyst crystal elixir water bottle is a great start towards that. Be more productive in your work and with your own personal journey. If loving yourself is a struggle sometimes, it might be because you don’t have the harmony and balance you need to get yourself beyond the internal challenges that dominate. Shop your Thera amethyst crystal elixir water bottles at

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