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Instagram posts advertising crystal facial rollers in use hit the platform every day. There’s a reason why they’re being held up as a major health and wellness trend in 2019. For anyone prioritizing their skin care, they’re well recommended to consider adding a facial roller into their mix of products. Here’s why.   Skin care products are usually either technologically advanced, cutting-edge products or manufactured and re-developed from traditional cultural practices. Facial rollers capitalize on traditional cultural practices, as something that’s been used for centuries by the Chinese elite. Although facial rollers are not appreciated by all, those who use them absolutely love what the crystal does to their skin. Similar to a tiny paint roller, all you need to do is glide it up and down across your face. Similar to a massage, it helps to relax the muscles, cool your skin, and smooth everything out.

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A component to crystal facial rollers that oftentimes goes overlooked is the stone selected. According to crystal healing practitioners, different stones embody different energies. Choosing the wrong stone could result in an imbalance of energies that doesn’t need to happen. For example, jade represents one thing whereas rose quartz represents something entirely different. Both are known for withdrawing negative energies however the energy they give to a user one wants to be careful with. So be sure to do some research before choosing the crystal facial roller you want.    

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Now, back to the skin care benefits of facial rollers, there are several things you may notice. Tightened skin, less dryness, no puffiness, and no dark circles or sunken eyes are all things facial rollers are used to tackle. In the body, these sort of issues can be handled easily with deep tissue massages or related body treatments. The face is so much more complex that it can require some extra effort to get things to feel relaxed and refreshed. For all those beautiful people out there overworking their facial muscles, crystal facial rollers can make a significant difference.   So much tension is stored in our faces on a daily basis. It’s this tension which causes wrinkles and fine lines over time. By applying a roller on places like our forehead and around our eyes, it’s a reminder to our muscles that they should relax.   All it takes to get these great benefits for your skin from crystal facial rollers is a little bit of gentle pressure and motion. This also helps to bring circulation to your skin which plumps and firms it. If you’re worried about having lost that glow to your skin or maybe you’re beginning to show signs of aging, here are a few ways to get some of that back. Shop crystal facial rollers today at and give your skin care regimen something new to enthuse about!

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