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Cupping in Canada is treating a variety of conditions, from physical pain to energy imbalances. For those who haven’t partaken in cupping sessions before, it works by placing cups suctioned around a region you wish to treat. Although typically used on the back area, you may also practice cupping almost anywhere on the body, including the face. Needless to say, results of cupping therapy is tremendous.

How Cupping Works

So how does cupping work? The suction causes openings in the muscles, lifting them upwards. Heat, toxins, and lactic acid buildup are released. Any sort of stagnancy disappears. Fresh, nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood is moved in. This increase in circulation helps the body’s system increase efficiency. Digestion can improve, mucus in the lungs is broken up, and like a massage, patients walk away feeling looser and more relaxed afterwards.

Cupping can tremendously change a person’s health for the better. When you buy cupping supplies in Ontario, and a practitioner applies them to your body, they are an effective treatment for back pain and tension, coughing, respiratory congestion, digestion issues, stress, and acne. If you struggle with any of these conditions – if they weigh you down or debilitate you in some way – you may have an answer with cupping.


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Is Cupping Safe?

Cupping therapy is so safe that it can even be performed on children. It generally is not painful. Although a forgotten form of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), cupping is regaining popularity in large part to athletes and celebrities that have turned the practice into something special. They praise the health benefits and the improvements they feel. For some, it has become a necessary element of their regular care routine.

If your objective is to be the healthiest person you can be, cupping can improve your quality of life. If you suffer from chronic conditions, cupping may help get the blood flowing, and provide measurable scientific benefits.

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Are Cupping Bruises Normal?

You may notice cupping marks left on the back, sometimes like a bruise or a red mark. These cupping marks usually fade in 1-2 weeks or possibly less. They do not indicate pain, but rather circulation that’s come to the surface and which has remained stagnant. If you have not had cupping therapy before, you are more likely to get these marks. That being said, they will fade and are not something that should be of concern. Even Olympic-level athletes develop these round marks.

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