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Interest in silicone cupping among Canadians is increasing with current estimates suggesting there are more than 2,500 practitioners across the country. Silicone cupping sets sold directly to consumers are also attracting a lot of attention. This helps Canadians in finding relief from pain and discomfort everyday.

Even if cupping is an ancient practice, there’s been a lot of research published on it within the past decade. Since Olympic medal winner Michael Phelps appeared at the 2016 Olympics covered in cupping marks, there’s been a marked interest of consumer toward this product. In addition to increasing circulation to an area, it’s also been found to help speed up healing of overworked muscles – a huge benefit for athletes. Here’s a little more about what the research shows us.

What does the old research say?

There have been over than 150 academic studies published in medical journals regarding cupping therapy. The vast majority of these have been published since 2008. Although past studies failed to identify mechanisms behind cupping, most people agree that there are therapeutic benefits. A lot of the strongest benefits come from placement of cups on specific acupoints. Health benefits usually come from creating excess blood flow to the region or a stop of circulation.

What does new research on cupping say?

The newest research confirms that many practitioners have known that cupping therapy produces real benefits. Likewise, it is no placebo. Particularly as it applies to pain management, it’s been proven very effective to reduce pain, to decrease stiffness and disability in some patients as well.

What other cupping benefits are there?

Cupping supplies in Canada can have significant benefit on

  • Reducing muscle spasms
  • Removing toxins from targeted regions of the body
  • Helping with congestion or asthma
  • Easing constipation
  • Minimizing symptoms of herpes zoster
  • Treating Bell’s palsy, lumbar disc herniation, and cervical spondylosis

As you can see above, it is not just a pain management therapy. Cupping has plenty purposes. In fact, when it is combined with other therapies such as chiropractic work, acupuncture, or gua sha, you can treat many conditions.

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Is cupping right for you?

More clinics are beginning to offer cupping to their patients. The patient benefits are obvious and yearly, so researches continue to be published supporting its uses. Risks and side effects are minimal. As we continue to move away from Western medicines and pharmaceuticals, silicone cupping sets in Canada are proving to be more than ever preferred.

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