How Does Silicone Cupping Therapy Work and What Does it Help

Cupping is a 3,500-year old form of healing that’s been used by cultures ranging from Middle Eastern to Chinese, Egyptian, and others. Believe it or not, cupping is even referenced in what may be the world’s oldest medical textbook, the Ebers Papyrus. Silicone cupping therapy works by creating suction on the surface of the skin. Somewhat the opposite of how a massage presses down on a muscle, the suction in cupping pulls the muscle up. This position can be maintained for a few minutes prior to releasing. The advantage of using silicone cupping sets as opposed to glass, bamboo, or another type of cup is silicone is easier to move around the patient’s skin. It’s this movement that can further stimulate the sort of massage-like feeling.  

jade soft set of 6 cups

Understanding how silicone cupping works It’s natural for our bodies to break down as we age. Cupping therapy is a way to temporary reverse some of those effects by increasing blood flow and relaxing muscle. When suction is applied to the skin, this makes your blood vessels below the skin enlarge. Fresh blood can then force itself into the area which helps to create new blood vessels – a process known as neovascularization. These newly formed blood vessels can then fill your tissues with new oxygen and nutrients. As you’re also engaging a process known as sterile inflammation, when using silicone cupping, your body is also releasing platelets, white blood cells, and fibroblasts alongside other healing compounds to help heal certain parts of your body.   What silicone cupping helps with Silicone cupping therapy can be used on the same conditions you would use a deep tissue massage for. Some of the clearer reasons why people use cupping therapy is to increase tissue delivery and oxygenation, to increase circulation, trigger helpful inflammation processes, eliminate stagnant blood, to stretch connective tissue and fascia, and to create new blood vessels. As a form of non-invasive physical therapy, silicone cupping therapy has also been successful at treating symptoms related to fibromyalgia, arthritis, blood disorders such as hemophilia and anemia, skin conditions such as acne and eczema, infertility problems, facial rejuvenation and wrinkles, depression and anxiety among other mental disorders, insomnia, migraines, as a detoxification method, to boost the immune system, to treat respiratory illnesses such as asthma or bronchitis, helping with weight loss, eliminate cellulite, to ease stiff muscles, some gastrointestinal disorders, damage to soft tissues, and cervical spondylitis. Silicone cupping should not be a therapy given to women who are pregnant or menstruating, anyone suffering from muscle spasms or bone fractures, patients with cancer capable of spreading from one part of the body to another, patients who bleed easily, anyone with a high fever, or patients with extreme obesity or thinness.   For more information on where to buy silicone cupping sets in Canada which are perfect for at-home therapy, please visit for more information.

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