See the Best Silicone Cupping Set in 2019
Searching for the right silicone cupping set can be a long process, especially for those not really clear on what they should be looking for. In many cases, these sort of silicone massage cupping sets can be expensive and not all of them are as well-made as others. Nowadays, as cupping’s appeal has reached mainstream audiences and is routinely used by athletes, Instagram influencers, and people suffering from a variety of health conditions or chronic pain, it’s acceptable to go looking for a cupping set for at-home use.


For home and professional use, has the perfect silicone cupping set for all. Created with soft, sturdy silicone materials, they’re oftentimes the preferred option compared to other types of cupping therapy sets which can be made from rubber, plastic, glass, ceramic, bamboo, or ceramic. If you’re looking for the #1 silicone cupping therapy set in Canada, choose from our different collections. We have 4-cup, 6-cup, 10-cup, and 12-cup sets. Depending on where you intend to apply these for massage, one option may be preferred over the others. Jade Soft™ Silicone Cupping Set 4 cups Let’s say you already have one of our silicone cupping sets but perhaps you want to have more, you can actually buy individual silicone cups from us as well. Add to your collection as you go along. If you accidentally damage any of your cups or lose them, you’re always covered with there to provide replacements. An added benefit to when you buy silicone cups individually is you choose the size. As you come to be more experienced with cupping, you may prefer large or small size cups. Choose from 30 mm, 39 mm, 50 mm, or 66 mm. If the intention is to use cupping treatment for cellulite reduction, we have a special anti-cellulite treatment set specially for that currently on-sale. Similarly, if you’re seeking a cupping set for a facial massage, we have a special kit for that available at an affordable price as well. These are professional-grade massage cupping sets you won’t find anywhere else. Versatile, high quality, and non-absorbent, you’ll be happy to have these and extremely pleased with their performance. No matter whether you’re seeking a cupping set for a deep tissue massage, pain relief, cellulite reduction, facial massage, or something entirely different, is the right place to come shop. Alternatively, if you don’t want the standard ‘clear silicone cupping set’, the best cupping set for you might come from elsewhere in the catalogue. We have multi-color cupping sets, artist-style cupping sets, glamorous glitter cupping sets, and negative ion cupping sets. We can say with some certainty, we have something in our cupping set category for everyone. Browse today and see for yourself some of the best silicone cupping sets available in Canada.
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