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Everyone has probably received a massage at least one time in their lives. After all, they benefit one’s muscles, joints, circulation, and can be used on almost anyone. From pregnant women to elderly men, massage to help us live more fulfilling lives.

As powerful and healing as traditional massage can be, vacu-cupping therapy takes on a lot of the same attributes. For healthier muscles, joints, skin, and immune system, some experts are recommending vacu-cupping over massage. Here’s why. When we receive a massage, it applies pressure downwards. After a while, our body adapts to pressure in this way. Comparatively, vacu-cupping applies suction to the muscle and lifts it up rather than pressing it down. Applied regularly, vacu-cupping proves to be a non-invasive, painless method to improve one’s physical appearance while also contributing to one’s overall health. Now, vacu-cupping is not like traditional Chinese cupping. It’s something different. Negative pressure is applied as deep as 4 inches into the connective tissue an lifts it. This decompresses stiff muscles, separates connective tissue, and supplies fresh oxygen and blood flow to tissue cells, fascia, and tendons. After a session is completed, one’s left with loose and supple soft tissues, and more flexibility in their muscles and joints. Someone prone to inflammation, swelling, and poor blood circulation is well recommended silicone cupping sets. Using silicone cups like these, you can perform vacu-cupping therapy stimulating your nerves, blood, and lymphatic vessels. To put it simply, everything simply works better. When all systems come together, you feel more comfortable in your muscles and joints. As a sort of added bonus, vacu-cupping also does something massage only wishes it could – detoxification. The lymphatic system comprises of fluids, glands, vessels, and organs supporting our immune systems with the ability to flush toxins from our bodies. When our lymphatic system becomes congested due to overt toxicity, this may result in illness and chronic disease. Vacu-cupping can completely change your life through detoxification, giving you a cleaner and healthier body.

Cupping therapy has also been used successfully by some suffering from stress, insomnia, and anxiety. It’s being studied for its impact on chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and arthritis-related inflammation. In some cases, combined with infrared light therapy, vacu-cupping has even showed more promise than initially thought. As a health treatment, few things come close or are as multi-purpose as vacu-cupping has shown to be. If you’re someone who has tried things like chiropractic adjustments, osteopaths, acupuncture, and more seeking a way to function better, vacu-cupping is one thing you will want to look at. It can be absolutely life-changing. The results speak for themselves! Buy silicone cupping online from and save tons on what you will find in our online shopping catalog.

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