Types of Face Massage Cupping

What Type of Facial Cupping Set Should I Choose?

Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that uses suction cups to stimulate your skin, fascia, and muscle. The suction promotes increased blood circulation and helps the lymphatic system flush out toxins. In general, the cups can be placed on any part of the body, or even be placed on the face, as long as people select the right material and size. 

What's the difference between facial cupping and body cupping?

Even though facial cupping and body cupping are based on the same principle, they are different in execution: body cupping can be static while facial cupping is dynamic. For body cupping, the cups need to be left on the body part for a period of time. In contrast, for facial cupping, the cups need to be moved around to promote blood circulation. Therefore, facial cupping always requires the cups that are smaller and softer. 

What types of cup are used in facial cupping?

There are 3 types of cups that are used in facial cupping: silicone cupping set, plastic cupping set, and glass cupping set.

Which type of cup should I use for facial cupping?

1. Silicone Cupping Set:

If you are looking for the cups that are unbreakable, flexible, soft material, silicone cupping set is a good option. Face Massage Silicone Cupping Set with a Brush comes with two eye cups, and two cups for the rest of your face – and a soft silicone brush for gentle yet deep exfoliation. It’s simply the best choice for gliding cups, and for massages that involve more motions. Since the mouth of the cups is flexible, it can adapt to the contours of your face and won’t fall off easily. 

However, the downsides of silicone cups are that it can be harder to get an intense degree of suction, since silicone cupping are more difficult to squeeze, they warm up quite fast. Unlike glass cups, which are more soothing to the touch. 

    2. Plastic Cupping Set:

    If you want the cups that are affordable, easy to manipulate, and providing great and easy suction, plastic cupping set is a great one. Plastic Face Massage Cups with Bulb Set  contains four 3cm plastic cups make for a very versatile, intuitive set to use. These plastic cups are durable and easy to disinfect. They are easier to get intense suction with them than with silicone cups, and they’re more durable than glass cups. 

      3. Glass Cupping Set:

      If you like the cups that are easiest cups to use, glass cupping set is the best choice. Glass Facial Cups with Bulb Set contains 3 different round cups and 1 oval cup. Additionally, all the cups come with a soft rubber bulb that allows you to achieve an intense degree of suction easily. As opposed to plastic cups, they’re also the smoothest, coolest cups to the touch, which makes them particularly good at relieving pouches under the eyes, relaxing muscles and soothing skin. 


      In short, if you are after the material of cups as well as the touch of cups, you should choose silicone cupping set. If you are in budget but still pursue a good facial cupping experience, you should try plastic cupping set. If you are afraid that cupping is a complicate process, you should buy the glass cupping set. And if you are interested in more facial cupping set, do not hesitate to visit Lierre.ca for more professional cupping products!

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