Essential oils for anxiety from Canada

It is very common to suffer from anxiety. It shows up in many different ways and everyone deals with it differently. Although one great way to deal with anxiety that it proven to help is the use of essential oils on the meridians of the body as well in a diffuser. 

This blog post will show two easy ways to reduce the amount of anxiety you may feel, whether they are short bouts or span over a longer period of time.  

One thing that I love to do is take this anti-stress roller and apply a good amount to the tips of my fingers. I then use this oil and tap along the meridians on my face and shoulders and neck. This helped to reduce anxiety with the effects of lavender oil as well as the light tapping sensation that is proven to calm your nerves down when stressed out or feel an anxiety attack coming on. This a great technique when you're out on the go and are not expecting it. You can always keep this anti stress mix in your bag with you. Worst case: just tap along your meridians, it's just as effective on its own. 

Stress and Insomnia Essential oil Divine Essence in Canada -

Divine Essence Stress & Insomnia Essential Oil


Another method that is effective is using a diffuser is you are home when the anxiety attack breaks out. Just drop some lavender oil into your diffuser, sit down somewhere comfortable and take deep breaths in and out. This is sure to help calm you down. 


Lavender spike essential oil for diffuser - Divine Essence from Canada

Divine Essence Lavender Spike Essential Oil 


Casa Ultrasonic Diffuser for aromatherapy in Canada -

Casa Ultrasonic Diffuser 


Disclaimer: These tips will not help get rid of anxiety or even a panic attack. Please consult a professional about your anxiety. These are merely ways to cope with feeling overwhelmed or stressed out.  

It is always important do take care of yourself, so start here and now! 

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