11 Home Exercises You Can Do On Your Cork Yoga Mat

There’s a heck of a lot you can get done at home with just you and a cork yoga mat.

Have you recently bought a cork yoga mat and you don’t know where to start – try these 11 exercises.


Pilates is a source of exercise focused on using your bodyweight and stability to build stronger muscles, more flexibility, and get your cardiovascular work up.


Squats are the ultimate leg exercise. They work everything in combination and, assuming your form’s on par, are a great way to strengthen your knees and make it easier to get up from the floor.


Whether you can do a single push-up, 20 push-ups, or 100, they’re a great bodyweight exercise you can do on your cork yoga mat with ease. Plenty of modifications also exist to make things interesting, should you want to intensify or make easier a push-up.


Some of us don’t have the strength to do a single push-up. That’s ok. Try a plank. Start there. Holding your position for 1-2 minutes is great. Whatever you can do though is perfectly ok!

Tai Chi

For individuals with a lot of movement or mobility trouble, trying tai chi at home is easier than workouts like bodyweight circuits and even yoga.

Cat Lift/Cat Arch

The back-and-forth of cat lifts and cat arches work your spine. From those muscles to the joints and bones, this is a great way to relieve the pressure we naturally put on ourselves simply by standing, sitting, and being still.


Yes, those crunches count for a lot. Your core is at the centre of everything you do. There are dozens of core exercises you can do on a yoga mat at home to get stronger and start building your six-pack!

Glute Bridges

Strengthen those glutes! Hold back the hands of time by laying down, lifting your core and butt up off the ground, and tightening. This is a great exercise to get your behind trimmed and shaped.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are intense. They are a sort of combination between push-ups, planks, and thigh lifts. Assume a raised push-up position, lift your leg forward toward your chest, return it, and repeat.

Arm-and-Leg Lifts

Get on all fours. Stretch out your arm in front of you and then the opposing leg, hold for 15 seconds, and lower. Arm and leg lifts are used in many workout routines as a way to challenge and strengthen your core.

Your Favourite Yoga Pose

There are lots of yoga poses and yoga routines available online that you can pair with a yoga mat. Search out variations on classic routines, go with a more relaxed and meditative yoga session, or find a YouTube-guided lesson.

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