Booster mini pocket massage gun

Massage guns were the ‘next big thing’ in muscle recovery when they hit the market over a decade ago.

Today, percussion massagers are one of the favourite tools athletes pull out when they need assistance in recovering their muscles after strenuous workouts or performances.

Akin to a deep tissue massage, receive the same benefits but in minutes. Manage your health better with a portable massage gun ready to pull out at any time. For newbies, here are nine benefits to massage guns to keep in mind.


Speed up injury rehabilitation and prevent future injuries. A massage gun supplements other rehabilitation techniques and encourages healing and recovery of atrophied muscles within a shorter time frame.

 Release Lactic Acid

 Lactic acid occurs when oxygen levels in the body are low and we compensate by converting newly formed lactate into energy. The lactic acid builds up in the bloodstream resulting in exhaustion and soreness. A percussion massager reverses this process and gets that lactic acid released.

 Advanced Pain Relief

 The vibrations from a portable massage gun reach deep into the muscle. These vibrations aid blood circulation and lymph circulation, allowing your body to produce more oxygen and filter nutrients into the muscle. Pain in the neck, shoulders, and lower back can be successfully managed using this vibrational technique.

 Break Up Scar Tissue

 Scar tissue occurs in the repair of damaged fibers in the body. All it is is collagen. A deep tissue massage that comes with a percussion massager breaks down this scar tissue and alleviates restrictions which often come with them. Use your muscles again. Regain the natural elasticity inside the muscle.

 Increase Lymphatic Flow

 The lymphatic system removes waste and toxins from the body. It is controlled by muscle contractions. The more active your muscles, the more stimulation there is to remove these substances. A massage gun creates that stimulation without you having to do anything.

 Relieve Muscle Spasms

Relax with Massage Gun

Muscle spasms from an intense workout can often come with ischemia which means a lack of blood flow. By applying pressure on the muscle, tendons, and ligaments, you reduce spasms, contractions, and relax everything.

 Aids in Sports Performance

 Improve your muscle contraction which allows you to lengthen and strengthen muscles and surrounding tissue. As a post-workout tool, you shorten muscle recovery time between workouts, enhance your overall performance, and initiates a healing response in the body to target performance injuries.

 Enhance Your Range-of-Motion

 Massage guns warm up the body with circulation. Joints will be more flexible and less prone to injury. Muscles are loose and ready to be put to work. Range-of-motion is enhanced through natural circulation increases presented in the use of a massager.

 Activate the Nervous System

 Using the Booster Mini Pocket Massage Gun, you activate the nervous system. Stimulating receptors of the sympathetic nervous system, you cause vasodilation in the skin and muscles through the simple process of a massage gun.


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