Booster Mini Pocket Massage gun, A Power Drill-Like Massage Gun is today’s ultimate muscle recovery tool

Massage guns are the real deal. Creating a buzz on Instagram and social media, these power drill-esque designs are allowing professional athletes everywhere to recover faster and avoid uncomfortable pain after training.

Booster Mini Pocket Massage Gun

A lot of the popularity around the Booster Mini Pocket Massage Gun and others perhaps has to do with the intimidation factor. Viral YouTube and Instagram videos showing massage guns demonstrate how intense a session can be.

The ripple effect from a massage gun across the skin is instigated by a repeated pounding into the muscle. For the athletes who use it though, it’s a welcome sensation and initiates a recovery response in the body. Here’s a little bit more about what a massage gun is, how a massage gun works, and why you may want to buy one.

 What Does A Massage Gun Do?

 A massage gun uses percussive therapy or vibration therapy. Rapid bursts of pressure are thrust into the body’s muscle tissue. This mimics the light strikes from a hand or wrist that one would receive from someone giving them a massage.

 Why Is A Massage Gun Better Than A Masseur or Masseuse?

 That’s right, we’re saying it. A massager like the Booster mini massage gun is better than a masseuse.

The main advantages of a portable massager is that you can use it anywhere and at any time. Also, you can target hyper-target specific areas or problems. They work better than uncomfortable foam rollers and are less expensive than going to a person every time you have a sore muscle.

 How Does A Massage Gun Work?

 A massage gun isn’t a cure-all for muscle soreness but it does work. A Booster gun will increase circulation to a specific area, reduce inflammation, and break up knots that can linger post-workout.

More studies are being revealed around percussion therapy and its benefits. The main benefit relates to delayed onset muscle soreness. An athlete who uses a portable massager can successfully avoid the muscle pain and tightness that follows an intense workout.

There’s also some evidence suggesting a mini massager can improve athletic performance. The impact of a massage gun on you, however, depends on the vibration and amplitude of the therapy.

Massage guns are used and recommended by a wide variety of athletes, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other health professionals. They’ve been referred to as a game-changer in rehabilitation and sports performance.

 Where Can I Buy A Massage Gun in Canada?

 Some of the biggest brands in massage guns are selling percussive therapy tools for athletes exceeding $500. Even for a basic Theragun massager, you’re looking at $275 and above. Shopping fitness accessories like these are never cheap.

Now, compare that to the Booster mini massage gun which is available from at only $129. You’ve got a decent bargain there and what you’re getting in return is a high-quality massage gun equivalent to the top brands in the category.

Drop by and try the massage gun out for yourself. You’ll love gently pressing it into muscles and feeling them bounce back with reduced inflammation and way, way, way less soreness!

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