Back to School Edition - Why are Lightbox, and human models are life savers?
Back to school essentials Are you aiming to be a graduate of massage therapists, and are you ready for this fall? Well, we have everything you need here to be well prepared for your exam period. Ranging from models to something small like reminder lightbox. Did you not know that our lightbox could be used for multiple reasons? Good decoration, and good reminder as well. Everyone studied differently, some are more visual than auditory. There are essential 4 types of studying methods, there are not one that is better than another. You have spatial, auditory, linguistic and kinesthetic. Everyone has different styles, as for spatial, are people who are more visual, so to buy a model, is very beneficial to them.   lightbox-bts-discount  
  • Spatial
  Spatial, in other words, visual. Some people are more visual than others, they like to draw it out, or just to look at it physically. These people like to create mind maps. We mainly have things that help student with visual, would be the charts with certain points that they need. Can easily test yourself with it, and perfectly remember while you do exam. You can go fancy, no whiteboard, but use the Bubble Speech Lightbox to write down the answer, or have some fun time with your friends, by making them guessing the word from the definitions!  
  • Auditory
  Auditory is another interesting one. Some people would record themselves before presentation, simply if they re listen, they will be better at it, the next time. You can do the same for audio, record yourself, or record your lectures, if you can. lierre-ca-woman-Human-Model-study  
  • Linguistic
  Linguistic is more about vocals. You can retain by talking to someone else better. If you pretend to be a teacher, you can teach the materials to a friend. If your friends are too busy, you can try talking to your wall, or a plushie. They are your best friends, they will always be there to listen, so make use of your plushies at home. And when you read out those pressure points, read it out loud.  
  • Kinesthetic
  Kinesthetic is using physical learning. So if you had a human model, wouldn’t you be more apt to touch it. You will be learning easier the parts. It is not just a decoration, and a study tool. You will be using it after your studies too. It makes you more professional when you have something that represent the human body. It makes you seems very serious to your work. Super good investment that will last you forever!  
  • Smell
  Some people just like to include smell to studying. A part of our brain says that we actually retain what we smelled before, and is very easy for them to remember what they were doing at that time. This is why aromatherapy is for you. Aromatherapy don’t only purify your room, and makes your room smell nice. But it leaves your environment more healthy, and clean. Way easier to study, and to retain. Diffusers are the best for you! Clean the air with it.lierre-ca-lavastone-bracelet-diffuser Oh and we also have a lava stone Bracelet diffuser, you can bring it during your exam day, which will make it so much easier to retain, if you are attracted to smell. As I said, many people have different method of studying. You are not limited to only one option, make sure to choose the most suitable to you. Do not miss this week’s weekly specials, it is all about better, and quality study time. Remember: Study Hard, but Study Smart!!
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