Great Gifts for Your Last-Minute Holiday Shopping
last-minute-gift-shoppping-blog So it's official, the holiday season is here, but no need to panic, we got you covered. Here is a list of great holiday gift ideas for your last minute shopping. We have some ideas for you that go from incense, to cupping, to pretty crystal jewelry. Okay so here we go!
  1. Multiple Shoyeido Incense Gift Sets to pick from:
Shoyeido Incense holds a long tradition of crafting incense for decades now. They are really the top of the chain in quality for incense, so if you’re looking for a great gift but have no time to shop around, look no further, this is it. Here are some different blends for different family and friends.last-minute-gift-shoppping-Shoyeido
  • Blend of sandalwood, cinnamon and saussurea: Charm those dreamy friends that love to wander around life in their whimsical worlds, this one is called the Amethyst incense by Shoyeido. Package is super compact and in a wonderful purple tint.
  • Blend of sandalwood, cinnamon and clove: One for those family members that you want to see succeed with it all, this one's for nurture, abundance and good fortune. We love the little base to stand the incense stick vertically in the Eternal Treasure Incense gift set.
  • Blend of high quality sandalwood, cinnamon and frankincense: Rich, warm, and soothing, the River Path Incense gift set features a ceramic incense holder. This set is perfect for a mother we would think, at least our mothers are warm and soothing.
These here are only suggestions of a few selections, so don't hesitate to wonder around for more options, Shoyeido has it all. The boxes are so cute and pleasantly looking, the sizes are perfect, you really won't disappoint with theses.  
  1. How about some silicone cupping with cute animal paws on them for your nephew to try the cupping game?last-minute-gift-shoppping-blog-paw-pattern-cupping
I mean, look at these cuties, they are just adorable. Oh! Or is one of your cupping colleagues having kids soon, are they expecting? If yes, then the Paw Pattern Silicone Cupping Set of two could be a great gift for them!  
  1. An Ultrasonic Diffuser is always a great gift
lierre-ca-ultrasonic-aroma-diffuser-wood-grainWhat a nice gift to give to someone than something to make then relax, and feel better. Sure Holidays are awesome, we meet with family and friends, sharing is caring, as we say. But don't underestimate how hectic it can also get with so much to do at this time of the year, not to mention winter. Oh so dry and oh so cold! This wood grain diffuser is a great purchase even if not to offer to a loved one, then to keep for oneself! And it is currently at 15% off, there is also another kind in a light wood grain color. And remember to keep those essential oils in stock, and to include some in your gifts for more variety of fragrance. Try this delightful essential oils, lavender, sweet orange and rosemary and do not be shy to blend them and try new fragrances. 4.Do you have esoteric enthousiast friends? How about some heart shaped stones? One stone each of your family members, or one stone each of your daughters. These are beauty, and healthy trust us, our favorite is the selenite stone, so luxurious and classy. And you know you have the typical love stone rose quartz and the amethyst one which is actually quite interesting. Look at them: the selenite heart, or an amethyst heart, and also the Rose Quartz heart.


Or just jewellery, it's always a nice and thing to gift and a no brainer when it comes to gifts for the women in your life. Any crystal healing products is super nice and super gift friendly. last-minute-gift-shoppping-blog-crystal-braceletsBut definitely check these cuties out:
  • The chakra healing bracelet for is for Joy, we think this makes an excellent present for a best friend.
  • Purify an clear energy blockages and tansmute energy and vision with this one. If this all makes sense to you or any of your friends then they should probably try this crifying crystal healing braclelet.
  • The healing crystal chakra bracelet is a classic in terms of healing crystal bracelets, so if you really don't have any idea on what is the right choice, pick this one.
Crystal braceletSilicone cupping set

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