Best Yoga Mats To Workout At Home With

All-Purpose Yoga Mats

Home workouts are quick, easy, and get the blood pumping. You can’t go a yoga workout properly though without a premium yoga mat. You’ve got to protect your bones again the hard floor and provide yourself with adequate grip to ensure you can support yourself safely in whatever poses you happen to be engaging in today.

What is the best yoga mat is a controversial question. Every brand has its own answer. This list shares a little bit about what the best yoga mats are for working out at home, giving you some options.

All-purpose yoga mats are your standard type of yoga mat. It’s nothing overly fancy. It does the trick. The drawback is that they aren’t that thick and they aren’t very eco-friendly. There are certainly better options out there on quality, however, in terms of pricing, you can’t beat a standard vinyl yoga mat.

Extra-Thick Yoga Mats

An extra-thick mat is necessary for individuals suffering from knee troubles, joint issues, chronic pain, or similar debilitating health conditions. A thicker yoga mat will give you support and cushioning so that you can be comfortable on the floor while getting into different positions.

Super-Grip Yoga Mats

Super-grip yoga mats are a type of mat or a characteristic in some mats that provide the ultimate grip. Yoga mats centered on grip are useful for hot yoga and very sweat workouts. Sweat is unfortunately unavoidable when working out and also a risk factor. Be careful. Ensure you’re supported.

Cork Yoga Mats

The most eco-friendly yoga mat there is, cork yoga mats have a non-slip surface from with all-natural rubber combined with renewable, durable cork on top. No plastics are involved. This premium yoga mat is easily one of the best on the market and is worth inclusion on any list like this.

Natural Rubber Yoga Mats

Another similar eco-friendly yoga mat option are natural rubber yoga mats. There are no synthetics involved with pure rubber. Although you don’t get the performance of cork, rubber navigates around the plastics and synthetics used in other yoga mat types.

What Yoga Mat Do You Need For At-Home Exercise?

It comes down to you. If you feel like you need more support and cushion, a thicker mat is recommended. If you want a more eco-friendly option, cork and rubber are both optimum choices. If you just want a cheap yoga mat, do search around as you may be surprised at the discounts and sales out there on some fairly high-quality yoga mats and fitness accessories. If you prefer a thinner mat, of course, that’s available as well.

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