Black Friday in July 2020, has it's 12 years birthday!  In July 22,  the day in the best season, we'd like to share our happiness and thankful to our customers and community with deep cuts on pricing, celebratory discounts, and 30-50% off key products in our catalogue.

If you’ve never been a customer before, don't miss this summer Black Friday and our birthday month, it is coming up and there’s never been a better opportunity to buy silicone cupping sets, jade gua sha, clinic supplies, and wellness supplies.

Cupping sets are one product that more acupuncturists, chiropractors, practitioners of various healing modalities, and medical clinics are coming to us searching for.

Dating back of years, cupping has helped numerous people with chronic pain, inflammation, and soreness recuperate and live their best lives discomfort-free.

There are a variety of cupping types – some glass, some wood, and some silicone – and the simplest to use by far is silicone. has long been providing silicone cupping sets to practitioners all across Canada but prices have never been this low. All July long, a 30% cut on cost adds up especially if you have other inventory to pick up for your clinic.

If you’ve never offered cupping before, a cupping set in Canada market--distributed by is your best bet to start. Everything you need to get going is included and you can begin offering silicone cupping immediately.

If you’re more experienced or are missing certain cups, also has them individually packaged. Browse our silicone cups to find the exact items you need to offer your best service.

Cupping therapy was originally built around the philosophy that certain health problems are related to stagnant blood flow or negative energy. Cups are applied to the skin, suctioning everything from the skin to the tissue upwards, and in moves new blood to the affected area. Negative energy and stagnant blood are moved outwards, processed by the body, and circulation, inflammation, and muscle tension can improve dramatically almost within seconds.

Lierre plastic cupping set

Though there are many doubters about the true effectiveness of cupping, it’s used by social media influencers, Hollywood celebrities, and Olympic-level athletes. Gold-medal winners’ cupping therapy routines have been a large part of their recovery process. Needless to say, cupping’s hardly on the fringe of alternative medicines and healing therapies. For many, it is a tremendous asset to facilitating healing in the body.

For cupping practitioners in Canada, come to this summer. For our best price all year, buy silicone cupping sets online and stock up. There’s no cups that are easier to place, suction, and use than those made from silicone. Save money and help us celebrate our big birthday month. Drop in today.

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