The beauty community’s been obsessed with facial rollers since roughly 2017, as they’ve been featured on high-profile social media brands and used by celebrities all over the world.

Despite increasingly widespread used, there’s still a lot of mystery to facial rollers. As any crystal facial roller lover will tell you, they can be used independently or in combination with serums, moisturizers, and oils to revitalize and beautify skin.

The benefits of this tiny tool are very real. Facial rollers produce a therapeutic sensation that stimulates the lymphatic system, relaxes tense muscles, and helps rejuvenate tired skin. One differentiator that doesn’t often get talked about is the stone the roller is made from.

Choosing the right stone for you relies on what you want to attract or repel in your life. An argument can be made for jade, rose quartz, and other stones – all of which carry their own unique physical and metaphysical properties.

Jade Facial Rollers

Jade is a favourite stone in traditional Chinese medicine and is a common choice. Jade is reported to help minimize irritation and inflammation, smoothes fine lines, tightens skin, and actively flushes toxins and bacteria through the lymphatic system.

As a stone, jade is looked at for purity. This can mean either attracting purified influences or eliminating interfering impure thoughts. It’s looked at for harmony and balance, achieved via processing healthy and unhealthy thoughts.

Rose Quartz Facial Rollers

Rose quartz is also known as the ‘love crystal’. It is used for finding, maintaining, or attracting romantic love, self-love, beauty, youth, and more. It has long been used to reduce tension, promote healing at both a physical and emotional level, and to increase cell turnover.

If you’re struggling to make sense of the relationships in your life – be it romantic, sexual, with friends, family or the universe – rose quartz facial rollers are a great tool to invest in. It’s a heart-opening stone that promotes deep inner healing, feelings of peace, and meaning in love.

Amethyst Facial Rollers

Amethyst is a powerful stone, most well-known for its characteristic purple attire. An amethyst crystal facial roller will soothe inflammation, tighten pores, and boost blood flow. If you’re struggling with a lot of daily stress, a roller can help to alleviate some of that from your facial muscles.

Thera Crystal amethyst facial roller


Amethyst is a stone known for spiritual protection, cleansing negative energy influences and eliminating emotional attachments that could be having a negative impact on your life. For anyone who may be in search of spiritual protection or to get rid of the negativity in your surroundings, amethyst is a stone that may be able to assist.

These are our three favourite stones but there are many others that are used in facial rollers. Thera Crystals™ is the brand at,  the one-stop shop for facial rollers in Canada. Visit us. Check it out. What the best stone for facial rollers is depends on what you need from the stone. Find yours today.

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