Those pretty rose quartz rock shards aren’t just decorative. You may have seen these crystals referred to as gua sha on Instagram and social media. In the beauty community, gua sha has turned a lot of heads, aiding to even out complexion and assisting skincare products like moisturizers absorb.

Where Did Gua Sha Come From?

Gua sha has been used in traditional Chinese medicine and as a Chinese beauty secret for millenniums.

The term ‘gua sha’ refers to achieving ‘sha’ which is the redness that follows a facial skincare massage. The redness is a sign that your cells are getting an increase in oxygen and that circulation’s rushing into these stimulated areas.

How Does Gua Sha Work?

Gua sha is all about stimulation. It works at a cellular level, using tools like a Rose Quartz Heart Shape to gentle scrape against the skin, kick-starting the cells’ healing and regeneration processes.

You select the tools you want – each one is designed for a different area of the face or for a specific technique.

Though we use the word ‘scrape’, consider the smoothness of the tool. It’s creating very gentle trauma that challenges your cells to react. In that reaction, you tone, brighten, and tighten skin while also reducing puffiness and aiding overall complexion issues.

To use gua sha, take your stone and move it in upwards motion. First, from your clavicle to the chin. Then, up and over the jawline, over the cheekbones, and lastly from the centre of the forehead to the hairline.

Join Your Favourite Instagrammers And Gua Sha

Rose quartz gua sha is easy to add into your daily skincare routine. It’s a natural therapy and doesn’t require ongoing product purchase, unlike cleansers, moisturizers, and serums. Done regularly, your skin will begin to look very different.

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There are two other added benefits we feel compelled to mention. Akin to a facial massage, you’re reducing muscular tension in your face when you complete a gua sha session. This ultimately means less wrinkles and more relaxation. These tissues are very sensitive and more relaxation isn’t a bad thing. Oftentimes, we aren’t even aware of all the tension we hold in muscles. Get rid of it!

You’re also stimulating lymphatic drainage which helps to reduce inflammation, bring in circulation, and move out toxins. If you’re prone to breakouts or are looking to enhance absorption of any moisturizers or oils you’re using, a gua sha stone applied the correct manner works. Options like a Rose Quartz Wing Shape or Rose Quartz S Shape are worth the investment.

Join the revolution. Maintain your skin’s health and clarity in an all-natural way. Find 100% pure rose quartz gua sha tools in Canada today from

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